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2024 Chicago Titan 100 Event Gallery

Chicago Titan 100 Economic Outlook and Happy Hour

On Thursday, May 16th, the Chicago Titans assembled for an enlightening evening filled with valuable insights and vibrant connection-building opportunities. Jason Turner, Chief Investment Strategist, captivated the audience with his wealth of knowledge and sharp perspectives on economic trends.

Following the insightful presentations, guests enjoyed a lively happy hour session, further fostering connections and conversations.

A big thank you to Wintrust for hosting such an exceptional event, and to all our attendees for contributing to an evening of enriching dialogue and building relationships!

Chicago Titan 100 Wipfli University at the Second City

On Thursday, April 11th, the Chicago Titans and guests came together for the Titan 100 Wipfli University at The Second City in Chicago, IL. Titans learned from Wipfli thought leaders on timely and relevant business and leadership topics. This thought-provoking and jammed-packed afternoon featured breakout sessions and explored specific topics brought forward by Titans, including attracting and retaining talent, innovation through digital tools, navigating a polarized workforce … plus, many more. A cocktail reception followed!

Chicago Titan 100 Community Day at Brightpoint

On Friday, March 8th, the Chicago Titan 100 community and guests made an incredible impact as we spent the day in service at Brightpoint! We rallied our communities for donations of essential needs items for Chicago’s children in foster care, sorted and packaged those items into gift baskets and backpacks, built blankets so the children have comfort objects, and stocked the Brightpoint reserves for any new child who walks through their doors. Titans also cleaned toys and the facility’s play rooms, creating a physically healthy environment for the kids.

Starting the afternoon off with CEO and Chicago Titan 100 Michael Shaver, we learned about the need and impact that Brightpoint plays in the daily lives of many individuals. Transitioning into stations to support the Brightpoint missions, Titans, partners, and guests exemplified a steadfast commitment to community welfare, elevating benchmarks for unity, servant leadership, and the cultivation of a culture characterized by empathy and social responsibility. We are excited to bring the Chicago Titan 100 together as we sorted and packed donations to go to those children and parents in need just in time for the spring!

Brightpoint serves Chicago where it’s proven to be the most effective: at home, in the classroom, and in the community. If you want to donate to the pantry we built, use the Brightpoint Amazon wishlist: Click Here

Brightpoint serves nearly 30,000 children and families each year in 67 Illinois counties, and I hope you contribute to the mission

Special thanks to Michael Shaver, CEO, Brightpoint and his team who hosted our event and additional thanks to Berenice Tenorio, Owner of Nuestra Cocina and Manny Favela Co-Founder of Burrito Parilla Mexicana for providing the afternoon snacks! All leftovers went to a local soup kitchen.

Our festive tshirts were a generous collaboration between Brightpoint and Benji Bearman, Owner of Liquid Screen Design!

Chicago Titan 100 VIP Reception at Wintrust’s Grand Banking Hall

On Wednesday, November 29th, 2023, the 2024 Chicago Titan 100 and guests were invited together for the first time as a collective. The Titan 100 VIP Reception was an opportunity to sip, snack, mix, and engage with the Chicago Titan 100 community.


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