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2024 Georgia Titan 100 Event Gallery

Georgia Titan 100 at the Porsche Experience Center –  Wipfli University presented by Wipfli

How fast did you go!? What an amazing day for the Georgia Titan 100 at the Porsche Experience Center for Wipfli University (Learn-Connect-Grow)! Titans and guests dove into electrifying sessions, such as “Combating Disengagement and Creating High-Performing Teams” where we uncovered powerful strategies to reduce attrition and supercharge performance by aligning leaders, direct reports, and teams, thanks to Steve Hopkins. Transitioning into “Exploring Practical Uses of Generative AI” where Titans and guests were dazzled with how generative AI is revolutionizing workflows, saving time, and elevating work quality thanks to Jake Rohrer. How have you implemented this into your daily life?

The event culminated in an exhilarating finale, with a thrilling lap around the track at over 100 mph from the passenger seat for the ultimate ride!seat with the ultimate thrill ride!

Special thanks to the entire Wipfli team who hosted, shared their knowledge, and reminded us that “Perspective Changes Everything”! 


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