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2023 Georgia Titan 100 Day of Service
​November 30th, 2023 – Community Day partnering with Atlanta Community Food Bank

On Thursday, November 30th, 2023, the Georgia Titan 100 and guests made an incredible impact as we spent the day in service at the Atlanta Community Food Bank for our final event of the 2023 program year! More than 8,979 lbs of food were sorted equating to 7,482 meals for the community in need!

Starting the afternoon off hearing from CEO Kyle Waid and CFO Debra Shoaf, we learned about the need and impact that the Food Bank plays in the daily life of many individuals. Transitioning into the warehouse, Titans, partners, and guests exemplified a steadfast commitment to community welfare, elevating benchmarks for unity, servant leadership, and the cultivation of a culture characterized by empathy and social responsibility. We are excited to bring the Georgia Titan 100 together as we sorted and pack donations to go to those in need just in time for the holidays!

As the central hub in the fight against hunger in Atlanta and north Georgia the ACFB primary function is collecting and distributing donated food and goods and managing all the logistics and partner relationships that go with it. For more information visit: www.acfb.org

Special thanks to Debra Shoaf, CFO, Atlanta Community Food Bank and her team who is hosting our event and additional thanks to Renee Stevens, CPO from The Honey Baked Ham CO for providing the afternoon snacks!

Georgia Titan 100 at the Porsche Experience Center
October 25th, 2023 – Wipfli University presented by Wipfli

WOW! What an amazing day for the Georgia Titan 100 as we gathered at the Porsche Experience Center for Wipfli University (Learn-Connect-Grow)! On Wednesday, October 25th, 2023, our Titans and guests discussed timely and relevant business and leadership topics from attracting and retaining talent, to innovation through digital tools, to navigating a polarized workforce and more. We ended the event in the fastest way possible with an exhilarating lap around the track at more than 100 mph!

Special thanks to the entire Wipfli team who hosted, shared their knowledge, and reminded us that
“Perspective Changes Everything”!

Content from yesterday’s breakout sessions can be found by visiting the Titan Connect resource page. Our speakers and topics are below:
Marcie Bomberg-Montoya – How to Perform in Prime
Kate Brown – Leveraging Data as your Asset
Jennifer Mackin – Are Leaders prepared for what you need them to do next?

2023 Georgia Titan 100 at Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneur
September 28th, 2023 – Partnerships Unlocking Potential presented by Chase

2023 Georgia Titan 100 at Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneur
September 28th, 2023 – Partnerships Unlocking Potential presented by Chase
On Thursday, September 28th, 2023 the Georgia Titan 100 gathered with special thanks to our annual partner Chase for an evening focused on “Partnerships Unlocking Potential” at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs! We were honored to have special guest speaker, Jay Bailey, President & CEO of RICE sit down with Chase’s very own Mathilda Lambert for an intimate fireside chat exploring the value of strategic partnerships while being your absolute “authentic self”.

Key takeaways from this inspiring conversation:

  • “Transformational change requires strong partnerships and impact-driven collaboration.”
  • “Loss creates Leaders, see value in your own reflection.”
  • “Dream big…then take that and multiply by 2…you know your value.”
  • “The conversation that you have today…might be the potential partner to help you conquer the world when it is least expected.”

2023 Georgia Titan 100 at Politan Row | Colony Square
August 24th, 2023 - Special Guest speaker Chef Sang Ho

On Thursday, August 24th, the 2023 Georgia Titan 100 gathered for more than just a culinary experience; it was a celebration of the art of connection and collaboration. The event was a testament to the fact that when influential minds come together in an environment that stimulates both the taste buds and intellect, the possibilities for collaboration and innovation are boundless. Special thanks to Chef Sang Ho of Bun Mi Grill who shared his inspirational story from growing up in his family’s Vietnamese restaurant in Boston, transitioning to and retiring from a career in accounting, and returning to his true passion in sharing delicious, flavorful Vietnamese dishes with the world. Stuffed!

2023 Georgia Titan 100 at ASW Buckhead
May 25th, 2023 - Special Guest speaker ASW CEO Jim Chasteen

On Thursday, May 25th, the 2023 Georgia Titan 100 came together at the amazing ASW Buckhead for crafted conversations, bites, and beverages, as well as a very special VIP tour of the distilling process given by ASW CEO Jim Chasteen. The Titans spent the evening in small moderated roundtables discussing topics including automation and the widening income gap, short-term gains verse long-term sustainability in the decision-making process, and the toughest leadership lessons learned over the past year. ASW Distillery is one of just a handful of distilleries in the world to combine the tradition of Scottish-style copper pot distillation with the innovation of Southern-style grain-in distillation.


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