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2024 Colorado Titan 100 Event Gallery

Titan 100 Annual Soiree Presented by Community Banks of Colorado

Titan honorees and alumni gathered to inaugurate the program year at the Titan 100 Annual Soiree at the Vehicle Vault!  The evening facilitated meaningful connections and provided valuable insights through our esteemed Titan alumni speakers. Attendees were treated to discussions led by Titan alumni panels, covering topics such as leadership, vision, influence, industry disruption, and innovation. Additionally, guests had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from Titan alumni about the personal, professional, and community impact of being part of the Titan network.

A special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Community Banks of Colorado, for hosting the evening! We also extend a heartfelt appreciation to all the Titan alumni who contributed to the panel discussions and speaking engagements.

Another special thanks to the following Titan Alumni for their contribution to this amazing event!

Titan Alumni Moderator: Mike Caflisch, Strategy1 Advisors, LLC

Titan Alumni Speakers:

Gina Coufal, FRIENDS of Broomfield, Inc

Jonathan Jachimiec, SSP Innovations

Kathy Knudsen, Healthbreak, Inc.

Jeff Porter, Handbid

Titan Alumni Panel – Leadership, Vision, Influence:

Bill Graebel, Graebel Companies, Inc.

Alejandra Harvey, Tendit Group

Dani Kimlinger, MINES and Associates

Gem Swartz, Catalyst Marketing Agency

Titan Alumni Panel – Disrupting the Industry, Innovation:

Matt Emerson, AVFX, LLC

Mike Mahon, Zia Consulting, Inc

Skye Perry, SSP Innovations

Scott Wiley, Growcentia, Inc.


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