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Behind every Titan, is the Titan Team.

Meet the Titan Team working hard to deliver an unrivaled experience to the Titan community. This tenacious Titan team oversees a community of over 1000 Titans in 8 markets across the country. This team brings enthusiastic execution to every one of our 40+ corporate events every year. With a genuine commitment to servant leadership, the Titan team takes responsibility for fostering the growth of a community comprising Titans and Titan CEO peer groups.

Meet Our Titan Team

Zawmon 257 B&w Edited

Jaime Zawmon


Corey Carlstead Titan Ceo (2)

Corey Carlstead

Director of Operations

Pettapiec 009 B&w

Darren Pettapiece

Program Director

Dowl 276 B&w

Cristina Dowl

Senior Program Manager

Fay Steiger Edited

Fay Steiger

Program Director

Koehnecke 322 B&w

Kate Koenecke

Program Manager

Elder Hernandez 204 B&w

Madison Hernandez

Senior Program Coordinator

Mccann 390 B&w

Meghan McCann

Admin Manager

Horton 060 B&w

Joey Horton

Senior Multimedia Designer

Headshot Acedera, Danica

Danica Acedera

Executive Assistant

Vanessa Veslin

Vanessa Veslin

Program Coordinator

Ducusin Jean Titan Ceo

Jean Ducusin

Program Coordinator

Jayson Nadela Edited

Jayson Nadela

Graphic Designer / Video Editor


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