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Piyush Goel

Chief Executive Officer

Beyond Key

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2005

Industry: Software Development

Piyush Goel, CEO of Beyond Key, said that he relies on four overarching strategies to continuously reignite his passion for the business and instill that enthusiasm in others to fuel continuous learning, diverse engagement, growth and a commitment to evolving practices.

“By continuously paving our path with new experiences, knowledge and interactions, I aim to share my passion and enthusiasm with others,” said Goel. “Demonstrating a commitment to growth and learning, I seek to inspire our team, fostering a culture that embraces change, innovation and collective success.”

Beyond Key has been providing tailored, contextual software solutions and services to clients globally since 2005, including those in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company specializes in digital transformation and product engineering services by delivering enterprise-grade, consumer-focused applications and technical solutions with a focus on cloud, data/AI, omni-channeling and client engagement.

Fueled by an inherent entrepreneurial drive, Goel identified a distinctive opportunity to develop software for an e-Commerce client based in New York. He laid the foundation for the company with a dedicated team of just four engineers. Fast forward to 2023, Beyond Key has evolved and flourished, boasting a diverse team of 300 professionals and a strong international presence with multiple offices worldwide.

“With over 25 years of entrepreneurial expertise, Piyush has adeptly steered Beyond Key through complex technological landscapes, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive both operational excellence and fosters sustainable growth,” said his staff. Goel holds valuable certifications in Systems Management and Information Systems, underscoring his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements.

“Piyush’s visionary leadership has been the driving force behind Beyond Key’s transformation from its modest beginnings to its current status as a thriving global enterprise, exemplifying an extraordinary journey,” said his staff.

According to Goel, his strength as a leader lies in making a lasting impression from the very first meeting, leaving individuals feeling uplifted and inspired. “I strive to conclude meetings or encounters on a high note, ensuring that the interaction resonates positively with others long after it concludes,” he said. “This knack for leaving a lasting positive impact ensures that the initial impression transforms into a lasting and favorable memory.”

Mixing a blend of hospitality, genuine personality and a sincere intention is what allows his team to grow and prosper, said Goel. “It’s not just about the initial connection, but the ongoing rapport and support I provide, creating a network of relationships founded on mutual respect, trust and a shared pursuit of growth and success.”

For his inspiring leadership style and willingness to establish meaningful professional relationships, Goel has been named a titan.

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