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Manny Favela

Co-Founder & CFO

Burrito Parrilla Mexicana

Location: DuPage County

Founded: 2010

Industry: Food and Drink ( Restaurant)

Manny Favela has spent his entire career in the restaurant industry. After working for the McDonald’s Corporation for 26 years with the last 12 years as the chief financial officer of McDonald’s Latin America, he co-founded Burrito, Inc. in 2010.

“We have developed a very strong team, and we continue to focus on recruiting the best and most committed employees,” said Favela, co-founder and CFO. “Our ability to retain our employees is giving us a significant competitive edge over other restaurant chains when it comes to providing excellent customer service.”

Burrito Parilla Mexicana is a fast casual Mexican restaurant that takes pride in preparing authentic Mexican cuisine through years of family tradition, responsibly preserving the natural flavor of every product selected. The fresh ingredients and flavors influenced from Mexico City come together to form the menu. Today, Burrito, Inc. has 11 locations with approximately 180 employees.

After retiring from McDonald’s Latin America, Favela said he decided to spend his time and energy only on projects that could make a difference in the lives of others. “I am currently focused on the following four areas of impact and importance to me: Faith, helping the less fortunate, education and health care,” he said.

Favela co-founded Burrito, Inc. as a way to help develop its employees, pay good wages, offer good benefits such as health insurance, 401k plans, tuition assistance and profit sharing. “Additionally, my business partners and I made a commitment that if our business was successful, we would ensure that such success would be shared with our employees,” said Favela.

This commitment was put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our approach to our business proved to be resilient during the COVID crisis and labor shortage issues facing the restaurant industry, as we were able to maintain all our employees despite the operating challenges,” said Favela. “We came together as an organization and were able to navigate such difficulties primarily due to the strong commitment and dedication of our managers and staff.”

In the end, the company came out stronger than ever and managed to grow two restaurants during the pandemic. Favela said that the future will continue to see business growth. “We will continue to grow our business slowly and in a way that doesn’t disrupt the lives of our employees,” he said. “Our focus on the wellbeing of our employees will be key to retaining a strong and committed workforce in a difficult labor market, but most importantly, it will help us recruit and maintain the best employees available in the market which is fundamental in keeping up with the skills required for tomorrow’s challenges.”

For his commitment to empowering his employees, Favela has been named a titan.

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