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Scott Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer

Founders3 Management Company

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: Year 2017

Industry: Real Estate - Property Management

Finding diversity in your workflow is the most helpful tool in anyone’s toolbox, according to Scott Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer at Founders 3 Real Estate Services. “Having an outward mindset and a fresh perspective when entering a new situation will provide only positive experiences to carry with you,” he said. “I recognize that everything I’ve experienced has taught me something to take with me in the next phase or phase in life.”

When Schmidt joined Founders 3 six years ago, he brought a diverse background with 20+ years of experience in operations, sales, marketing, business development, venture capital and investments. “His fresh perspective and strong entrepreneurial approach in business led to a quick ascent at Founders 3,” said his staff. He began by overhauling the maintenance division and then oversaw the residential department. Next, he served as executive vice president before assuming the role as Chief Operating Officer.

Founders 3 Real Estate Services is a real estate and property management firm focused on creating value for clients while committed to continually improve the company and the staff.

In his current role, Schmidt has been instrumental in the creation of an in-house curriculum, dubbed F3University. “Property management is a high turnover industry and I needed to create a system that ensured my clients were all receiving the same experience from one property to another, division to division,” he said. “The best way to do that, in my opinion, was to educate our staff as if they’ve never been in this industry before.”

This curriculum is a big win for Founders 3 as they have seen reduced turnover and improved overall client relationships. “By concentrating on a company’s culture, there are satisfied employees and ultimately less turnover, improving the business’ success and allowing it to be the best in its industry,” said Schmidt’s colleagues. “Scott has done exactly that in his duration with Founders 3 and he believes it is only the beginning as they grow and develop.”

In his position, Schmidt has made key financial decisions that led to positive growth year after year. He focused on changing the strategic leadership within each division, streamlining various process and proactively shifting financial approaches to increase revenue. “His wholistic approach while keeping people as a priority is what he is most proud of today,” said his colleagues.

The connections he has fostered have also had a positive impact on the company’s growth. “Crafting my own emotional intelligence is key,” said Schmidt. “If I can understand you, without any preconceived notions, I can create a genuine connection.”

For continuing to connect others in the workplace and leading by example, Schmidt has been named a Titan.

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I think people would describe me as someone who can connect and relate to anyone. Crafting my own emotional intelligence is key.


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