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Michelle Majewski


Marian University

Location: Fond Du Lac, WI

Founded: Year 1936

Industry: Education

Michelle Majewski was a first-generation college student who ascended through the ranks of academia. She began as an adjunct professor and has been the president of Marian University since 2020. Her 35 year+ career at Marian University has framed her leadership, vision and passion, she said.

“My passion for Marian’s mission and core values provides a platform for the student-centered focus I maintained throughout my career at Marian,” said Majewski. Marian University is an institution of higher education located in Fond du Lac, WI, offering undergraduate and master’s degrees. The university is a Catholic-applied liberal arts community that welcomes diverse spiritual traditions.

Majewski recognizes that as a leader, building relationships and relying on her experience from various roles at the university helps her to see the bigger picture and intersectionality of how various constituents influence the overall functioning of the institution. “Students, parents, staff, faculty and the community-at-large all benefit from a strong interdependent positive relationship,” she said. “Building these essential relationships requires respecting the needs of others, encouraging the hearing of all voices, attention to details, consideration of available options, weighing potential unintended consequences and making difficult decisions when necessary.”

Building Marian University’s footprint in education is one of Majewski’s goals. Utilizing open communication and transparency, she raised $12.2 million in her first year as president, eliminating the university’s debt. Majewski was also instrumental in creating new opportunities with high-demand programs and sought out grants to expand the university’s scientific equipment and new athletic opportunities.

Many challenges exist for small liberal arts institutions of higher learning today, as well as numerous opportunities for growth and development. “Finding solutions to these challenges and opportunities excites me and allows me to work with generous, intelligent partners throughout the university and community-at-large.”

These connections include taking part in Marian Monday’s radio program, connecting with business leaders to enhance fundraising, communicating with alumni, creating a “Book Club with the President” for students, staff and faculty and launching Fireside Chats with faculty and staff on a regular basis.

“By maintaining connections with colleagues and sharing ideas, I demonstrate that I value others’ ideas,” said Majewski. “I possess a ‘can do’ attitude that communicates my excitement for student, faculty and administration achievements and I seek growth opportunities and invite others to engage in purposeful discourse toward those objectives.”

For her continuous support and passion for higher education, Majewski has been named a titan.

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