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Mark Hanoski


Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: Year 2002

Industry: Healthcare

No employee is merely a number to Mark Hanoski, owner of Premier Medical Staffing Services. In fact, his colleagues describe him as a leader who embraces both compassion and transparency. “Mark never keeps his team in the dark about company objectives, wins and hurdles,” they said. “He also treats everyone he works with both internally and externally with genuine compassion and prioritizes making the workplace feel welcoming and comfortable.”

According to Hanoski, the humble beginnings of launching a healthcare company with his wife have kept him grounded and focused on employee morale. With a background as a respiratory therapist and his wife Laura’s background as a nurse, the two launched the new medical staffing organization out of their family home in 2002. “Having built Premier from the ground up, Mark’s business mindset is not for the faint of heart as he is currently pursuing new business ventures, soon providing even more access to health care,” said his colleagues.

Premier Medical Staffing Services is a nationally recognized healthcare staffing firm connecting qualified medical professionals with facilities both locally and across the nation. Over the past three years, Premier Medical has experienced unprecedented growth as the healthcare industry is challenged with an aging population, a shortage of medical professionals and the federal government’s demand for quality care with improved nurse-to-patient ratios.

Embracing the increase for demand, Hanoski and his team has invested in expanding the corporate workforce by more than three-fold, moving into a larger office space and promoting quality leaders from within the organization. With Hanoski at the helm, Premier has been listed as one of Milwaukee’s Best Places to Work three consecutive years and made the BizTimes Media’s list of Future 50.

Hanoski is most proud of making a positive difference for his staff and those he serves. “It’s my job to be the ambassador of this culture while making sure the direction of the company will allow us to remain relevant in the future,” he said.

Prioritizing the lives and well-beings of his employees is a crucial part of the core values at Premier, said Hanoski. That’s why he and his wife sponsor team outings, volunteer opportunities, paid wellness hours and even the option to bring dogs to work. “Premier makes their employees feel appreciated by celebrating their achievements and life events,” said Hanoski. “It’s a company in which every individual is seen and heard.”

With a clear-cut superpower of believing in himself and others, Hanoski has earned the title of Titan.

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