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John Hagins

President & CEO

The Community Blood Center

Location: Appleton, WI

Industry: Nonprofit

In the past year, as the president and CEO of the Community Blood Center, John Hagins said a pivotal leadership lesson came to the forefront. “It was the profound significance of aligning individuals’ characteristics, traits and strengths with their designated roles in an organization,” he said. “Throughout 2023, The Community Blood Center embarked on a journey to discern the precise fit of everyone within the team fabric.”

This strategic insight into team members’ distinctive attributes enables a seamless fusion of activities and objectives, driving the trajectory toward success throughout the organization.

From the outside, the industry may look like blood drives and encouraging members to save lives through blood donation. At its core, the blood banking industry is a complex field encompassing business development, the intersection of pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and distribution of highly perishable goods, constant recruitment efforts, health care and nonprofit work. The Community Blood Center was established in 1955 and continues today as an independent, nonprofit organization, providing a safe and reliable blood supply to more than 40 hospitals.

In the past year, Hagins’ most significant accomplishments have been orchestrating the seamless merger of two distinct not-for-profit organizations. “This merger, designed with a core emphasis on amplifying our services to encompass a wider spectrum of blood donors, hospitals and patients, encapsulates an intricate interplay of strategic analyses and operational synergy,” said Hagins. “This journey of organizational metamorphosis stands as a testament to the visionary foresight, and unwavering commitment to purpose.”

Focusing on development and mentoring programs for emerging managers has been a top priority for Hagins. “Many times, new leaders are selected based on their job knowledge and/or performance in their current role without much thought about how they will lead a team,” he said. “While there is an element of self-discovery as part of every leader’s journey, a core element of the journey is being exposed to as many leadership elements as possible and exposure to a diverse array of leadership facets forms a vital cornerstone.”

His work earned him the title of Titan 100 for the second year. Being a part of the titan community has exposed him to inspiring stories and journeys, but also recognition for the nonprofit. “The recognition has provided a platform to share the mission of The Community Blood Center to a wider audience and to emphasize the importance of blood donation as a vital element of modern healthcare,” said Hagins.

For continuing to support and advocate for the mission of The Community Blood Center, Hagins has been named a Titan 100 for the second time.

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