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J Michael Mooney

Co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus & Principal

MLG Capital

Location: Waukesha City, WI

Founded: Year 1987

Industry: Corporate Real Estate

To J. Michael Mooney, a titan is a person or thing of very great strength, intellect or importance. His colleagues agree that he fits the definition to a tee. “Mike has maintained strength of leadership and integrity through 56 years in real estate, exercised great intellect in decision making to drive growth at MLG Capital, and is arguably one of the most important voice of influence in Wisconsin’s real estate industry,” they said.

MLG Capital is the premier outsourced investment manager in private real estate for investment advisors, family offices and accredited high-net worth individuals. For more than 36 years, the company’s core focus has been preserving its investors’ wealth and producing exceptional tax-efficient income and appreciation over time through investment in private real estate.

Mooney serves as the principal, chairman emeritus and co-founder at MLG and has been integral in the company’s success. His storied career in real estate began in 1967 when he obtained his real estate license. His enthusiasm and willingness to take on a challenge prompted a move into commercial properties and the massive undertaking of creating a resort-second home community in the Republic of Ireland.

His success included recruiting major investors, like Cary Grant and Jack Lemon, while then creating the plans for Shannonside Village, a resort hotel with housing for 2,500 people. Following this endeavor that came to an end due to an American lender, Mooney began creating commercial brokerage, consulting and land development projects in Wisconsin including the development of Pabst Farms.

After 20 years in the business, Mooney co-founded MLG founded on the principles of making a difference while making a living. After 11 years, MLG has been acquiring assets across over 20 states via its Private Real Estate Fund series which targets asset class and geographic diversification while employing over 900 across its series of companies with a total market value of assets held, sold or pending acquisition of over $6.4 billion.

According to his staff, Mooney’s primary passion is protecting and enhancing the company’s unique and special corporate culture. “To do so, Mike endeavors to lead by example and by personal interaction with as many of the team members of possible,” they said. “Mike has a mix of secret superpowers including staying upbeat, being respectful of others, never giving up, solving problems, smiling easily, being a good judge of character and making work fun for himself and his peers.”

For his influence on his staff, the real estate industry and the community, Mooney has been named a titan.

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What is your secret superpower?

Mike has a mix of secret superpower’s including staying upbeat, being respectful of others, never giving up, solving problems, smiling easily, being a good judge of character and making work “fun” for himself and his peers.


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