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David G. Voss Jr.

President & CEO

Miron Construction Co., Inc.

Location: Appleton, WI

Founded: Year 1918

Industry: Construction

From the time he was a young child, David Voss, Jr. can remember spending every day off and every vacation with his dad out on project sites. He knew the employees well and was fascinated by all they did, from the act of building itself to maintenance and everything in between.

“This is where the seeds of his interest in construction were planted,” said his colleagues. Following college, Voss, Jr. joined Miron Construction Co. full time, a company his father began with five stockholders in 1918. Voss, Jr. became a one of the principal owners of the company in 1979 and now serves as the president and CEO.

Miron Construction Co., Inc. has been providing professional construction services to clients throughout the Midwest, with an expanded geographical reach across the U.S., for over a century. Miron is a privately held, family-owned company in its fourth generation with a culture and passion for building instilled in every team member.

“Miron started out as a small masonry contractor, focusing its work largely within Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley,” said Voss’ staff. “Today, Dave leads Wisconsin’s largest general contractor. While Miron’s roots run deep in the Midwest, the company has expanded nationally at the request of clients and partners, which has brought the company to the next level.”

With more than 46 years of experience in the construction industry, Voss, Jr. has weathered industry challenges and setbacks, navigated fluctuations in the economy over the course of four decades and has helped Miron grow into the company it is today. “Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of digging deep when times are tough and pushing for continuous improvement when the business is doing well,” said Voss, Jr. “I see the value in continuing to challenge myself and build this company for the long-term. Evolving and adapting is just part of the game.”

Although Voss Jr.’s accomplishments include an addition of the company’s Yard Operations in Menasha and even a feature on the cover of Insight Magazine, he said one of his greatest accomplishments has been watching all four of his children join the business. “Growing up around the Miron culture, they witnessed how gratifying and exciting this line of work could be,” he said. “By exposing them to the inner workings of the company early on, they continue to thrive.”

Miron is clearly a fourth-generation family-owned business, but Voss, Jr. said what gets him out of bed in the morning is the ability to work alongside not just team members, but friends. For his continued dedication to building a strong and enduring legacy, Voss, Jr. has been named a titan.

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