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Beth Marino

Chief Operating Officer

Fox World Travel

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Founded: Year 1960

Industry: Travel

Beth Marino’s entrepreneurial journey stands a testament to her passion, dedication and loyalty to Fox World Travel. In just over two decades, she progressed from a front-line associate to the esteemed Chief Operating Officer, leaving an inspirational path of growth and accomplishment within the organization, said her staff. “Her natural inclination for leadership and aptitude for project management propelled her into a team leadership role, paving the way for her advancement,” they said.

Fox World Travel’s mission is to elevate the travel planning experience and deliver exceptional value through service, passion, partnerships and family. It’s a mission Marino said has motivated her throughout her career.

“I take great pride in my role as a leader, knowing I have the fortitude to incite positive change,” said Marino. “My primary goal has always been to contribute positively to our company’s growth and success.”

Under Marino’s leadership, the company propelled from the 51st position to the 25th position on the Travel Weekly Power List. She was also instrumental in creating a 24/7/365 operations model that secured the company’s first corporate top 100 client. During Marino’s tenure, she spearheaded the creation of the Data Analytics department, driving the implementation of business intelligence tools.

“Beth’s journey embodies the spirit of an exceptional leader who has left an incredible mark on Fox and the travel industry,” said her colleagues. “Her commitment and leadership have made her a critical part of Fox’s continued success.”

Over the past three years, the company has navigated a challenging and transformative journey, marked by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry. Marino led her team to adapt to unprecedented circumstances while laying the groundwork for a resilient and innovative future. Clients relied on the company more than ever as travel virtually grounded to a halt.

In her role, Marino said she sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth, viewing obstacles as stepping stones. “Each failure serves as a valuable lesson that propels me forward,” said Marino. “My team’s feedback is a source of inspiration and I’m committed to translating it into tangible actions.”

Building connections helps to reignite her passion, said Marino. “My approach is to create opportunities to invest in meaningful connections with people,” she said. “I also find inspiration by connecting directly with our customers through client advisory boards and participating in various travel industry events.”

For showcasing her passion for the travel industry, leading with passion and fostering a connected workforce environment, Marino has been named a titan.

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