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Barb LaMue

President & CEO

New North, Inc.

Location: Green Bay, WI

Founded: Year 2005

Industry: Nonprofit

For Barb LaMue, she believes that being humble but also bold allows you to make the world a better place, and that’s what she strives to do as the president and CEO of New North.

“I am very proud to be in a position to give back to our local communities,” she said.

New North, Inc. is a non-profit, regional marketing and economic development corporation that fosters collaboration among private and public sector leaders. Over the last three years, New North has expanded its strategies and partnerships with the creation of the NEW Launch Alliance which supports innovative ideas and business discoveries across the 18-county region.

Leading new initiatives is LaMue’s specialty and in her role, she and her team have forged partnerships and programs that allow for mentoring while creating the opportunity for economic growth. For example, the company led the creation of BOOST for Hidden Talent, a digital platform and network of partners to increase digital literacy with access to meaningful employment for under-served populations in the community.

“We also partnered with our minority chambers to build a digital platform which links diverse businesses, women-owned businesses and veteran-owned businesses to supplier diversity and procurement opportunities,” said LaMue.

The shared vision of New North is to be nationally and globally competitive for personal, community and economic growth. With LaMue at the helm, she was able to financially turn the organization around, now with over $1 million in cash reserves. “I totally restructured the organization to bring on talent that can lead our talent development, created a venue for Career and Academic Planning for our 92 school districts and created the New North Hires Heroes campaign,” LaMue said.

LaMue credits her colleagues and partnerships for the success of the non-profit. “I learn from the best through my board position with the International Economic Development Council and other colleagues in state and regional organizations, along with my dedicated board of directors,” she said.

In addition, she believes in a flat hierarchical structure since all employees have distinct areas of support and expertise. “Each employee has their own development plan which also includes dedicated time for work-life balance and personal wellness,” said LaMue.

The collaborations she gets to experience fuel her passion to make a difference. “My passion is helping others who may not have an easy path to prosperity,” she said. “I also have a very supportive family and friends’ network that allows me to pursue my passion and support me with direction.”

With a superpower of meeting people where they are while leading with her heart, LaMue has earned the additional title of a titan.

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I feel my secret superpower is the ability to meet people where they are at, to lead with my heart, and to be the super connector and convener.


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