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Austin Kreinz

Founder & CEO

Atomix Logistics

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: Year 2020

Industry: eCommerce / Logistics / Fulfillment

Austin Kreinz’s story begins with humble origins in a small Midwest town in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Born into a family of modest means, Kreinz and his four siblings learned the value of hard work and determination from their parents. He witnessed his father start a logistics company and his entrepreneurial spirit was inspired. After college, Kreinz spent two years working on Wall Street. Unsatisfied with lack of creativity and problem solving, he worked for a company where he learned how to operate and scale a profitable eCommerce business.

“At the time, I made the realization that eCommerce was going to be the future of retail and I was going to be a part of it,” said Kreinz. Armed with a bold vision, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding Atomix Logistics from scratch, where he serves as the founder and CEO.

Atomix Logistics is a fast-growing order fulfillment company pioneering an innovative warehouse model to help high-growth eCommerce brands and SMBs streamline and scale the hardest function of growing an online brand – operations.

In less than three years, Kreinz turned a $40,0000 investment into a disruptive eCommerce Logistics business going from $0 to $8 million annual revenue and from 0 employees to 35+ with 100+ consumer brand clients.

“The road was fraught with challenges, but Kreinz embraced each obstacle as a chance to learn and grow,” said his staff. “His dedication and innovative approach garnered attention, attracting a talented team of professionals who shared his vision and together, they fostered a culture of creativity, collaboration and excellence that permeates throughout Atomix Logistics today.”

According to Kreinz, he believes that fear of failure is natural, especially when facing unfamiliar challenges. “My approach involves valuing the importance of embracing failure as a crucial lesson in the journey of personal and professional growth,” he said. “I emphasize that fearing failure can impede progress and hinder individuals from taking necessary risks, particularly when venturing into new territories.”

Kreinz did not let fear stop him as he bootstrapped his company and became a trailblazing innovator. Atomix Logistics is budgeted to do $6-8 million in 2023 and is currently at $6 million in annual recurring revenue.

“Guided by strong ethical values and integrity, I lead by example, inspiring others to adopt ethical leadership practices that contribute positively to industry growth and well-being,” said Kreinz.

For his determination, persistent and willingness to take risks and embrace fear of failure, Kreinz has been named a titan.

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