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Linda Chadwick

Chief Executive Officer Rita’s Franchise Company, LLC

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Year Founded: 1984
Industry: Franchising Frozen Treats

Linda says… The Rita’s brand is centered around happiness, it’s paramount for the company culture to help deliver on it

Titan 100 Alumni Spotlight

As a Titan of industry what are some key strengths and unique selling points of your company and what do you believe sets your organization apart from your competition?

Rita’s is an iconic and beloved brand that’s centered around happiness. There is extreme passion surrounding it from all sides. Passionate franchisees, treat team members, corporate staff, and most importantly Rita’s incredible guests.

Describe your company culture. What makes your company unique?

The Rita’s brand is centered around happiness, it’s paramount for the company culture to help deliver on it. We demonstrate this in the community in giving back to great causes we are passionate about, such as, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation that assists families in fighting childhood cancer and the Eagles Autism Foundation.

Describe your leadership philosophy. How are you developing the next generation of leaders?

I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside many incredible leaders that I’ve tried to emulate, and I truly enjoy mentoring. My priority is to mentor while fostering a fun culture of teamwork, collaboration, and results-driven thinking from all levels of the organization to ensure we deliver legendary customer service and drive the business forward.

What excites you most about the future direction of your company or industry?

The Rita’s brand will celebrate its 40th birthday in 2024. Although it’s well known in many communities, it’s very exciting that we are continuing to grow with our franchisees, bringing Ice, Custard, and Happiness to new communities throughout the country.

What non-profits and/or charities do you and or your company support and why?

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has been the focus an important part of the Rita’s brand for many years now and we are very proud of our team and Franchise community for contributing to this great cause. In addition, our franchise business owners contribute on a local level by organizing fund raisers at each shop, supporting local sports teams and non-profits within their communities.

What are some of the most important initiatives or projects that your company is currently working on, and how will they impact your industry and customers?

Rita’s recently launched the new consumer app and online ordering function. This allows the brand to offer even more convenience to our guests. In addition, we’ve integrated drive-thru’s in many of our locations and have more planned as part of our future growth.

Can you tell us about any upcoming product launches or innovations that you are particularly excited about?

Every year we launch new flavors and new products. This year, we launched a new line of frozen coffees and beverages that were a big hit with our guests. We have lots of new additions planned for next season too.


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