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Daniel Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer
Ramirez Hospitality Group

Location: Centennial, CO
Year Founded: 2002
Industry: Hospitality

Daniel says…

We are a family serving other families. When customers come into our restaurants they are taking a seat at our dinner table, where everyone is welcome.

Titan 100 Alumni Spotlight

Describe your leadership philosophy. How are you developing the next generation of leaders?

At RHG, my leadership philosophy is coaching my team to grow in all aspects of their life. While we focus on growing in the workplace, I also challenge them to grow in other areas of their lives as well. I have spent a lot of time learning and growing myself and being able to share that with my team is very empowering. I like to give them goals and tactics in order to work through things more intentionally and successfully while being there to cheer them on along the way.

What excites you most about the future direction of your company or industry?

The biggest thing that is in our future is our first ground up restaurant build. This will be a full service restaurant in Castle Rock, CO. This is a huge milestone that we got to this point and is shaping our future of what the company wants to continue to build and grow.

What is something you wish your industry knew about you or your organization?

Born into a family with 15 children, Jose Ramirez was “lucky number 7.” He started his pursuit of this dream as a 13-year-old bagboy at a grocery store in what is known as The Highlands area of Denver. He later worked as a server at Las Palmas, working 60-70 hours per week, eventually becoming the server manager. He would work so much that he would oftentimes sleep in his car while providing for his wife, Martha, and his two sons, Luis and Daniel. Jose saved up enough money to open up the first Los Dos Potrillos location in Centennial in 2002. Jose opened this first location in Los Dos with just $5.18 left in his bank account. Having sunk everything he had into his restaurant, Jose would tell these first customers of Los Dos that if they didn’t like the food, he’d buy it for them. Now with four locations in Centennial (the original location), Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and Castle Rock coming soon. Los Dos Potrillos provides customers in the South Metro area with “Real Mexican Food” while maintaining a family-friendly, “hole-in-the-wall” experience thanks to years of hard work by Jose Ramirez and his family.

What non-profits and/or charities do you and or your company support and why?

We really like to support the local high schools in our area, we believe that it is important to support them and continue to help grow the future of the world! We also support multiple non-profits around the area, we like to show support for the community that supports us.

How do you ensure that your company is attracting and retaining top talent, and fostering a positive and inclusive company culture?

At Ramirez Hospitality Group we focus on our core values to ensure that we are continuing the legacy that has been implemented since the start. We are a family serving other families. When customers come into our restaurants they are taking a seat at our dinner table, where everyone is welcome. Our employees are treated as family because sometimes the work family is the only family that some have. RHG continues to work on becoming better each and every day. At RHG, we like to focus on recognizing employees that have done exceptional work and get great reviews. We also have started a brick tradition, on our employees one year anniversary with the company they receive a brick that symbolizes their commitment to the company. A brick shows that they are the foundation of this company and they are a valuable part of our successes!

How do you ensure that your products or services are meeting the needs and expectations of your customers?

At RHG, we continue to stay up to date on the latest trends but we also continue to stay true to our traditions. We focus on quality control by focusing on consistency at all of our locations. We want the experience to be memorable and positive at any location that our customers go to. At RHG, we value customer feedback and that is what makes us continue to grow and become better each and every day. We focus on our quality, service, cleanliness, commitment and teamwork to continue to exceed expectations of our customers.


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