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Titan 100: Beyond Single Recognition – A Cascade of Awards and Unforgettable Events! 


The Titan 100 is a national program in 7 markets across the country that recognizes the top 100 CEO's and C-level executives in a region. Representing both the private and public sector, these Titans of Industry demonstrate exceptional leadership, vision, passion, and influence in their field. The Titan 100 are recognized at an annual awards event, published in the Titan 100 book, and given the opportunity to build relationships with their fellow Titans by connecting multiple times throughout the year.

The Titan Journey

Becoming a Titan 100 member offers the unique privilege of being part of an exclusive cohort comprising 100 top CEOs and C-level executives. Members also enjoy the prospect of being featured and profiled in the prestigious Titan 100 Book, along with the chance to connect with fellow industry Titans at exclusive private gatherings designed exclusively for Titan 100 members. This presents an invaluable opportunity to enhance your professional network, engage in enriching conversations, and foster connections within this exclusive community. Titan 100 honorees are not only encouraged but also granted the opportunity to attend all events held across various markets, fostering a nationwide network of collaboration and growth.

In their second year as Titans: Celebrating Two Years of Recognition with Awards, Literary Achievements, Local and National Event Participation, Active Online Community Leadership, and Expanding Networks. Titans are nominated and chosen on an annual basis, culminating in the prestigious honor of joining the elite Hall of Fame in their third year. The Titan 100 stands as a rapidly expanding and influential community of top executives nationwide.​

Titan award recipients have the opportunity to secure a place on the Titan 100 list for up to three years, with each subsequent year presenting a progressively greater challenge. To attain entry into the Hall of Fame, Titans must engage in on-camera interviews and respond to a series of questions, unaware of what will be asked, all before a live judging committee.

The Titan 100 Hall of Fame represents a select group of exceptional entrepreneurs who have consistently demonstrated, over the past three years, the qualities of a true Titan, becoming pillars of our community.

Titan Alumni Program– Once a Titan, Always a Titan!

We invite past Titans to join our alumni program. The only requirement for the program is that you have been recognized as a Titan 100 within the last 4 years.

The Titan Alumni Program maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of Titan Alumni and Titan partners nationally. It connects alumni to the entire Titan 100 network through a wealth of community activities, online portal, continuing education programs, peer groups and events around the nation. 

 As a Titan 100 honoree, you will be invited into the Titan Alumni Program after your third year as a Hall of Fame or in between years.  If you reapply for second- or third-year Titan 100 recognition and do not make the list, then you will be tracked into the Alumni program.  If you make it all three years to Hall of Fame, then you will track to Alumni in your fourth year and each year after that.​


As a Titan Alumni member, you will instantly gain access to 700 current Titans of Industry nationally.  Each year this number will increase by at least 700 Titans as new Titans are honored.​

If you have any questions about The Journey, please contact for more information.

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