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Tino Mantella

President & Chief Executive Officer

Turknett Leadership Group

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1987

Industry: Professional Services

Tino Mantella believes solid leadership skills can be taught — and learned. In fact, he sees this dynamic process in action every day as president and CEO of Turknett Leadership Group (TLG). “We want companies to see us as their go-to for all of their leadership development needs,” Mantella said. “Our mission is to help people, teams and companies unleash their leadership potential.”

Mantella joined TLG in 2018 and set about building on the company’s proprietary leadership training process — known as the Leadership Character Model — which company founders Bob and Lyn Turknett established more than 30 years ago. “The model is as relevant today as it was when it was built,” Mantella said.

Under Mantella’s leadership, TLG has driven exceptional top- and bottom-line growth while impacting thousands of lives. The company has expanded its group and individual leadership coaching classes as well as trainings on topics such as organization development, talent management and diversity, equity and inclusion. Its reach now extends beyond U.S. borders to include consultations with leaders from across North America and Europe.

Drawing on the expertise of its diverse staff — which includes Ph.D. psychologists, organizational development specialists and former senior management executives — TLG offers tailor-made leadership development services to meet each client’s varied and ever-changing needs.

“Our service mix is shifting to address present and future needs. We have added and/or doubled down on services that address such things as staff retention, effective remote work, equity in the workplace and team development,” Mantella said. While incorporating new technologies and service offerings into its service mix, TLG has retained its hands-on approach to training. Clients are drawn to TLG — and keep coming back for additional coaching — thanks to the company’s personalized approach to leadership development. “We are passionately committed to fostering positive outcomes for every person, team and organization we serve,” Mantella said.

To date, TLG programs have trained thousands of clients, including several of the top CEOs in the world. Recently, under Mantella’s guidance, TLG began sharing its leadership expertise with youth around the world through the launch of its new Leadership Character Youth Coalition. Before joining TLG, Mantella spent 12 years leading the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

“In 2004, when I accepted the TAG role, Georgia was most known for peaches, pecans, pine trees, poultry and peanuts. When I left the role in 2016, technology was on the map in Georgia,” he said. Earlier in his career, Mantella worked as president and CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, the country’s largest YMCA branch. Outside of work, Mantella serves on the boards of directors for Tech Alpharetta, Atlanta Technology Professionals and Families First, an agency offering social services to underserved communities in Atlanta. He is also a member of the CEO Council, a networking group of Atlanta area entrepreneurs.

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I am appreciative of the recognition ;The Titan program provides a platform to meet others with like life goals; And the presentations the organization provides are high quality; I hope to do more in 2023, including possibly traveling to another Titan community and participating in a National conference if that comes about.


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