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Sanjay Sehgal

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

MSys Technologies

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2007

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Playing it safe gives you stability. But that’s not enough, is it?
It wasn’t for Sanjay Sehgal. So he left a thriving career as a tech executive and switched to a role in sales and marketing. The risk paid off, and the new company’s revenue leapt from $13 million to $200 million.
Then he took another risk, leaving to create his own company.

“I left a lucrative job to start a business with only $1 million in funding,” he said. “As the founder of the company, I wasn’t getting anything in terms of money. But it was the most satisfying experience to lead my own company and build something from my idea.

“My family and I made a lot of sacrifices at the time, but it was worth it,” he said.
The company he founded, MSys Technologies, is a software development and digital transformation provider based in Atlanta. It creates leading-edge technology for major enterprises and Silicon Valley clients.

Since 2007, Sehgal has transformed the company from a small team in Chennai, India, to a global powerhouse. MSys has five offices around the world, plus teams of remote and flexible workers.

Embracing remote work helped MSys find top talent and grow. In 2022, the company expanded its workforce by more than 50%, and it’s on track to achieve 35% to 40% revenue growth.

Sehgal created a culture of growth by encouraging creativity and risk-taking — just like he did. Intrapreneurs are empowered to spin up new business models and he rewards innovation.

He wants to help everyone launch ideas, in any part of the world. As a member of the Forbes Business Council, Sehgal publishes expert insight on Forbes.com. He also uses his extensive social media followership, podcasts, interviews and virtual events to connect with other leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sehgal is also mentoring the next generation and shaping them into mindful and joyful leaders.
“Taking a step back and letting someone else take the reins may not seem like a leadership strategy, but believe me, it works,” he said. “Having the humility to step aside and help others realize their potential is one of the most satisfying and rewarding attributes of being a true leader.”

In addition to being a Titan 100, Sehgal and MSys have won dozens of honors. In 2022, they earned the Corporate Citizenship Award and the Pacesetter Award, both from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. In 2021, MSys was given a People’s Choice Stevie Award for designing a first-of-its-kind wealth aggregator app.

What’s next? MSys plans to expand its product offerings, customer base and market share, focusing on cloud-first digital services that leverage next-gen technologies. And it plans to take customer experiences to the next level with product development roadmaps and IP accelerators.

As MSys grows, Sehgal will welcome change. “We live in an ever-changing world that is adapting to new ways of work,” he said. “Take time to identify patterns and be ready to embrace differences. That’s the best way to face it.”

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