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Mike Rolla

Chief Growth Officer


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1995

Industry: Medical Technology

Mike Rolla believes the key to improving healthcare is focusing on improving the patient experience. As chief growth officer at CSS — a leading provider of clinical programs and home-delivered medical supplies for patients living with chronic conditions such as diabetes — Rolla strives to empower patients to take charge of their health in the comfort of their own homes. CSS supports more than 200,000 people living with chronic conditions in the U.S., delivering more than 1.2 million shipments of medical supplies directly to customers’ homes annually.

“At CCS, we have a unique opportunity to ensure that individuals with chronic conditions have a direct path to better self-care through their connection with their provider, device(s) and supply distributors,” Rolla said. Through its health and medical units, for example, CCS delivers a full suite of diabetes monitoring and management supplies, partnering with more than 400 employers and more than 1,800 managed care plans nationally to offer a hands-on, educational approach to diabetes care.

Rolla joined CSS in 2022 following previous leadership positions at UpHealth, Teladoc Health, Livongo Health and CR Bard (now Becton Dickinson), a medical device manufacturer. A career spent overseeing product development and clinical experience teams has deepened Rolla’s conviction about the transformative possibilities of technology-enabled home healthcare delivery.

At CSS, Rolla and his team work diligently to deliver superior care to their patients, backed by industry-leading technology. He has already been instrumental in helping the company grow its digital health platform and nationwide distribution network.

In the coming years, Rolla will help CSS develop and launch several condition-specific product suites capable of delivering enhanced, real-time diagnostics that will “pioneer the shift to connected health solutions,” he said. In doing so, he plans to stay focused on a patient-first perspective. “So many solutions are developed based on the capability of the technology without focusing on the need to reach the patient where they are,” he explained.

“Mike relentlessly creates a sustainable environment of innovation, growth and high performance, driven by his belief that more is always possible,” Rolla’s team said. A recognized thought leader in integrated care management and virtual care delivery, Rolla is a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and universities, including Emory University, where he earned his MBA. He serves as a board member on a Silicon Valley incubator and is an adviser to two philanthropic organizations devoted to women’s health. Locally, he enjoys coaching youth baseball and supporting the work of food banks and performing arts organizations.

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Did you know?

Mike once danced for 48 hours straight to raise money. Mike has 7 operating principles that he shares only with his direct reports.Mike always carries three things with him, a deck of cards, his dogs leash and the business card of the first rep who was forced to chose another career path after competing with Mike as a reminder that every day “you either make it happen or wait for it to happen to you.”


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