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Matt Herriot

Chief Executive Officer

Pro-Link, Inc.

Location: Greater Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1984

Industry: Janitorial Sanitation Distribution

Consistency and clarity are the key traits of a successful leader, says Matt Herriot, chief executive officer at Pro-Link Inc.

“I believe that the characteristics of a successful leader are very consistent over time,” he said. “A leader must be able to communicate to the people they are leading in a way that the followers want. Good leaders must have a clear and consistent vision of what they want to accomplish and where they would like to go. They need to communicate the roadmap to success.”

Pro-Link Inc. is a national commercial cleaning supply company founded in 1984. “We currently have over one million Pro-Link dispensers across the country,” the company said. “Our mission is to deliver nationally recognized brands, resources, education and training to our customers. We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens through our green cleaning program and other initiatives targeted toward environmental accountability and preservation.”

Pro-Link has more than 100 member companies and over 120 distribution points throughout the United States. Herriot’s focus in the coming years is to make the industry supply chain more efficient and embrace and implement new technologies. That includes promoting water to replace chemicals that sanitize schools and universities. He is also working to streamline the company’s accounting practices.

“Pro-Link and our customers will see a strong trajectory of growth and improvements over the next five years that will be beneficial to operations and revenue growth,” the company said. “It’s an exciting time to work at Pro-Link and be involved with our company with Matt as our CEO.”

Herriot built his skillset by pursuing an MBA from the University of Georgia while putting in 50 hours per week as a vice president of sales, working evenings and weekends to invest in his future.

Herriot found success with a number of companies before he was approached by Pro-Link about its CEO role. He has started and led three start-ups that became successful in generating significant revenue and profitability. His experience includes being heavily involved and accountable for all aspects of company development, including marketing, product development, sourcing, inventory management, operations management and personnel.

“Matt’s vision and creative expertise is exactly what Pro-Link needs to continue to grow,” the company said. “He will ensure that Pro-Link is given all of the resources and technology he provided to past companies he worked with. Matt will lead Pro-Link to the next level through investing in better technology, developing educational programs, innovation and improving the supply chain process.”

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Did you know?

Matt has enjoyed and played hockey for 35 years! He is not only an accomplished CEO, but an athlete as well.


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