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Gracie Ortiz

Chief Operations Officer


Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Founded: 2017

Industry: Financial Technology/Technology

As COO of B2B SaaS company DataSeers, Gracie Ortiz is helping transform the banking and payments industry.

Rather than refreshing dated, legacy banking software designed for the age of checks and wire transfers, DataSeers set out to envision something new. Their proprietary back-office software is designed to support financial transfer platforms more commonly used today, including ACH (automated clearing house) payments and debit and credit cards.

DataSeers works with banks and other financial institutions on issues including compliance, fraud protection and data analytics. “We want to position our innovative AI technology as the best solution for the banking and payments industry,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz joined the small, Georgia-based startup in 2021 as just its 14th employee. Under her leadership, DataSeers has grown to include 80 employees in the U.S. and 40 more in India, while its number of product users has more than tripled.

“My primary areas of focus have been growing the company’s top talent, acquiring new clients, driving revenue growth and supporting product enhancement and expansion,” Ortiz said. “My greatest accomplishment has been exceeding the goals I set for company growth in all categories.”

Ortiz has worked closely with company CEO and founder Adwait Joshi to enhance DataSeers’ product offerings. She was instrumental in the launch of SeerPortal 2.48, the company’s latest update, and she is actively involved in developing the proposed SeerPortal 3.0, which will feature a new, multimillion-dollar infrastructure investment.

In the context of mass layoffs within the fintech industry in 2022, Ortiz focused on recruiting and retaining top talent “ready to face the challenge of building and implementing a reliable product that can support itself on the market,” she said. Ortiz is especially proud of the rich diversity of the team she helped build. More than 75% of DataSeers employees represent a minority group. Staff there can speak over 25 different languages, facilitating their ability to serve DataSees’ many global clients.

As a leader, Ortiz strives to model patience, accountability and self-awareness. “The best leaders take note of events and ask, ‘How could I have approached this situation better?’” she said. “They understand that becoming exceptional is a lifelong learning process — it’s a journey that may never end.”

During Ortiz’s tenure, DataSeers was included in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list for 2022, coming in at number 1,503. The company has also been named one of Atlanta’s fastest growing private companies by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Ortiz is active in the Titan Community, currently serving as a member of the Georgia 2022–2023 Titan 100 Board of Directors.

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