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Craig Martin

President, U.S./Canada and Australia/New Zealand

Hexagon Geosystems

Location: Norcross, Georgia

Founded: 1992

Industry: Geospatial Technology

Craig Martin learned early in his career that it’s often better to listen than to speak — and he carries that awareness with him in how he leads today.

“The concept of listening to our customers has been the cornerstone of how I have developed the U.S. and Canada region into the largest and most profitable region globally for Hexagon Geosystems,” Martin said.

As president at Hexagon Geosystems, Martin oversees the company’s U.S./Canadian operations as well as its work in Australia and New Zealand. Martin joined the company in 2010 and has enjoyed steady promotions throughout his career with Hexagon, from general and division manager to segment manager, culminating, finally, in his current chief leadership role in January 2022.

Martin credits his career rise in large part to a commitment to create work environments that empower team members to do their best work. “You have to make sure you are putting your people first, providing them with a vision and allowing them to participate in developing overall business strategy,” he said.

As a leader in geospatial data collection, Hexagon Geosystems is helping to build “an autonomous, sustainable future by putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity and quality for our customers,” Martin said. “As the need for geospatial data continues to accelerate, the challenge starts to move from how you collect this data to how you manage the data. Putting big data to work is the future.”

Under Martin’s leadership, Hexagon is evolving to meet the changing needs of its ever-growing client base. While continuing its industry-leading role in geospatial data sensor production, the company plans to expand its focus on helping clients integrate industry-specific workflows, cloud-based management and data adoption best practices.

Martin believes applications for geospatial data are practically limitless. Hexagon teams have helped corporate clients address labor shortages by leveraging data insights to increase the productivity of their existing staff, for example. Data intel has also enabled Hexagon clients to reduce waste and increase machine efficiency — allowing them to more steadily navigate the marketplace’s recent rising materials costs.

“Our vision is to continue to provide solutions that help our customers address some of their most difficult challenges,” Martin said.

A recognized authority in geospatial data collection, Martin is a frequent keynote speaker at Hexagon’s annual global conference, HxGN LIVE. He also currently sits on the board of advisors for xyHt, a leading trade magazine for geospatial professionals.
Outside of work, Martin is an avid traveler and scuba diver. He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two daughters and his extended family.

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I have a passion for spending time with my family traveling to as many destinations as possible and including scuba diving with my two daughters on every stop we make.


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