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Victor Garcia Flawless Steel Welding Llc

Victor Garcia


Flawless Steel Welding LLC.

Location: Denver

Founded: 2011

Industry: Steel Construction

Victor Garcia, the founder of Flawless Steel Welding LLC, embarked on an extraordinary journey in the mid-90s, immersing himself in the world of ironworking right after high school. Fueled by a passion for the trade, Garcia’s dedication proved unyielding, but destiny had a different narrative in store.

Amid the recession, Garcia confronted a pivotal crossroads when the company he had envisioned as a long-term career prospect succumbed to economic pressures. Garcia decided to control his destiny and Flawless Steel Welding was formed.

The firm initially began as a mobile welding venture and under Garcia’s leadership, swiftly grew from a modest beginning to a multi-million-dollar enterprise, earning AISC certification for both fabrication and erection. As a result, the firm was featured in Who’s Who Magazine, and Garcia has been an influencer in the industry as a speaker at the NASCC Steel Conference to discuss the company’s use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in project management.

“Victor’s transformative journey from an ironworker to the founder of a thriving enterprise encapsulates resilience, determination and an unwavering commitment to surpassing industry standards,” said his staff.

Garcia continues his commitment to the industry and the community as well, serving on the board for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, sitting as a trustee for the Union Local 24 Apprentices and Trust Fund, and serving as a director on the Board for the Steel Erection Association of America. He also serves as a deacon at Christ Covenant Church.

His entrepreneurial career has embraced risks and moving toward a vision. “The reason I took this risk was because I was passionate about creating something meaningful and impactful,” said Garcia. “I believed in the vision I had for my business and was willing to take the leap of faith to pursue it although it meant sacrificing the security of a steady paycheck and risking failure.”

Being the lone ranger in his business did come with its share of doubts and criticism from others, said Garcia. “Many doubted my decisions and questioned my ability to succeed; however, I embraced the challenge and used it as fuel to prove them wrong,” he said. “While there have been setbacks along the way, the journey has been incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally.”

Garcia’s goal is to savor the journey, acknowledging that God has a plan for every step. “The experiences, lessons and relationships are woven into his divine timing, so trust in God’s sovereignty and relish the adventure he has orchestrated for you,” he said

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