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Tracie Wilcox On Tap Credit Union

Tracie Wilcox

President & CEO

On Tap Credit Union

Location: Golden

Founded: 1954

Industry: Banking

In the past year, the banking sector faced an array of unprecedented challenges marked by unpredictable market conditions and a complex economic landscape. As the CEO of On Tap Credit Union, Tracie Wilcox said navigating these turbulent waters required not just vigilance but a proactive and adaptive strategy.

“One of the cornerstone achievements under my leadership was the agile adjustment of our lending rates in response to the rising deposit rates,” said Wilcox, a two-time Titan 100. “This strategic move was not just about adapting to market trends; it was about putting our members first.”

The result was a staggering 200% increase in dividends for members, effectively bolstering their financial capacity to meet their savings and spending objectives.

On Tap Credit Union’s mission is to improve the financial health and well-being of the brewing community and the members they serve by crafting banking solutions and connecting its members, local businesses and neighbors to provide the best financial guidance in the community. On Tap Credit Union is about bringing people together to craft something big: “Beer People Helping Beer People.”

Strengthening community involvement, Wilcox said that the firm plans to expand its financial literacy programs, fostering a culture of informed financial decision-making in the communities served. “I aim to enhance our competitiveness by exploring international partnerships and collaborations,” she said. “These alliances will not only diversify our market presence but also provide us with valuable insights into financial trends, enabling us to better serve our members.”

Wilcox said a valuable leadership lesson learned this year has been the power of structured, holistic approaches to team management, exemplified through the adoption of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. “This alignment has been crucial in ensuring everyone is working in the same direction, thereby maximizing our collective impact,” said Wilcox. “I’ve always tackled issues head-on, and my team and I have developed even more tools so that issues do not become larger obstacles; leadership involves not just guiding a team through smooth waters but also navigating rough seas effectively.”

Passionate about fostering an environment for the next generation of titans, Wilcox said she believes that being readily available and approachable is crucial in mentoring and guiding future leaders. She has served as an industry contributor for conferences and participates in forums to elevate the industry.

“By engaging in thought-provoking discussions and advocating for progressive industry practices, I aim to set a precedent that encourages innovation, ethics and excellence among young professionals,” said Wilcox.

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