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Thomas De Angelis Zivaro

Thomas De Angelis

Chief Revenue Officer


Location: Denver

Founded: 1998

Industry: Technology

According to Thomas De Angelis, accountability is the overarching trait he has seen the best leaders strive to meet each day and the benchmark to which he holds himself to in his role as the chief revenue officer at Zivaro. “Too often people speak about responsibility, but everyone has a lot of responsibilities,” he said. “What matters is what we do and how we act against all of those responsibilities – and that is accountability.”

Zivaro is a technology solutions company that focuses on providing a range of services, including systems integration, to its clients. Formerly known as General Technology Resources Inc., the firm has historically been recognized as a successful value-added reseller (VAR). The company has demonstrated success in designing, building, and operating systems integration businesses, contributing to growth in annual revenue.

Under De Angelis’ leadership, Zivaro has strategically developed and operated a thriving systems integration business over the past year while expanding the workforce from 120 employees to over 220 in the past four years. As a result, in 2023, the firm exceeded revenue targets, having the best year in 25 years of business, with an annual revenue milestone of $335 million, reflecting a 135% increase over the past four years. In his role, De Angelis has overseen contracts, business development, sales, sales operations, solutions and services delivery areas.

“Tom’s unique blend of experience, including leading operational teams, services delivery organizations and sales organizations, sets him apart as a strategic leader,” said his colleagues.

Prior to his role at Zivaro, De Angelis played a pivotal role in Oracle Corporation’s National Security Group, leading the consulting practice responsible for classified clients in the western United States. “Tom’s seven years of active duty in the Air Force as a communications officer further highlight his dedication to serving in roles crucial to operational technology management,” said his colleagues. “At Zivaro, his forward-thinking approach has positioned the company as a trailblazer in its sector.”

His leadership has been instrumental in earning accolades for the firm, such as Best Places to Work, recognition from the CPN Channel Partner Network and nominations for the Colorado Technology Association Apex Awards.

What makes De Angelis stand out to his staff is his focus on company culture and his consistency as a leader. “I try to never get ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ and how I interact with everyone is the same,” said De Angelis. “This allows me to help our people and organizations stay even-keeled at all times because successes and losses come and go – what matters is how we deal with both.”

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I would like to think it is the ability to be consistent. By that, I mean I try to never get “too high” or “too low” and how I interact with everyone is the same. I think this allows me to help our people and organizations stay even keeled at all times. Successes and losses come and go. What matters is how we deal with both, and if you are always “reacting” then it can give everyone a feeling of whiplash.


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