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Suzanne Griffiths Griffiths Law

Suzanne Griffiths

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Griffiths Law

Location: Lone Tree

Founded: 2001

Industry: Legal Services

As a woman attorney who had reached the top of her field in South Africa, Suzanne Griffiths moved to the U.S. with her three children and husband to escape the violence and political danger in South Africa at the time. “Ms. Griffiths has always fought for those who were subject to abuse, economic oppression and even legal traditions that shackle their ability to obtain protection,” said her staff. “This did not stop when she came to the U.S.”

After passing the Colorado bar exam, she faced an employment market that was highly skeptical of another freshly minted lawyer. Within eight years, Griffiths founded Griffiths Law and applied a deep understanding of both the ethics of service and free enterprise economics to make that business the category leader in her sector.

Griffiths Law is a full-service family law and civil litigation firm located in South Denver. The firm’s team of family law attorneys assists clients with any aspect of family law including divorce, child custody, child support and maintenance. The firm’s civil litigation attorneys deal with cases involving construction defects, insurance, real estate, corporate and partnership matters.

Under Griffiths’ leadership, the firm was recognized as the Best Family Law Firm in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine and won the Denver Business Journal’s Small Business Award. Griffiths was honored as one of the Most Admired CEOs and has been selected as one of the Top Lawyers in Family Law in Denver by 5280 Magazine.

Active in the community, Griffiths is involved with the American Bar Association, the Denver Bar Association, the Colorado Bar Association, and the CBA Family Law Section. She also participated in “The Anatomy of Divorce,” a three-part series on the Dr. Phil Show.

Griffiths attributes her success to her mother who constantly told her to go out and get herself a career, which inspired her to succeed at a time when women had very few opportunities in South Africa. “Mrs. Griffiths prides herself on creating leaders and seeing these individuals grow in their careers and continue the tradition of inspiring others,” said her staff. “She is truly a one-of-a-kind leader.”

As a mentor, Griffiths has launched the careers of dozens of young women by training raw college graduates to develop marketable skills, pursue further education and never quit seeking a better life, said her staff.

Successful leaders must have good judgment and command respect, said Griffiths. “They understand when to press forward and when to step back; intuition and emotional intelligence is a valuable quality,” she said. “I know when to put my foot on the accelerator and when to hit the brake.”

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I believe I have good judgment and I know when to put my foot on the accelerator and when to hit the brake. I have many years of experience and have lived through booms and downturns. I am always looking ahead and planning for new challenges. I take the position that you should “expect the unexpected”, “never think you can’t be wrong” and “the only certainty is uncertainty.”


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