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Steven Michael Bederman Nobelbiz

Steven Michael Bederman



Location: Cheyenne

Founded: 2005

Industry: TelCom | CCaaS

Steven Michael Bederman began his career as a call center agent selling lawn care treatments to homeowners. Over the years, he learned the skills of management, then business, and then leadership, ultimately moving into consulting in marketing and sales for businesses. “One of those projects turned into the founders handing me the keys to their small technology business when they ran out of money and I simply felt that I couldn’t abandon the few customers we had,” said Bederman.

He took on the company with $1.2 million debt, no money of his own, and no experience as an entrepreneur. He slowly built the tech company, renamed TouchStar Software Corporation, into one of Denver’s fastest growth companies with over a hundred-million-dollar valuation and 500 employees. After selling the firm, Bederman acquired a small cyber technology company and sold it a year later for an $11 million gain.

Recognized as a turnaround CEO for tech companies, today, Bederman serves as the president of NobelBiz, a CcaaS company with a mission to ensure the services are consistently operational, minimizing downtime by establishing an effective troubleshooting system, recognized for achieving one of the highest first-call resolutions in the industry.

The company vision revolves around a core value of “Make a Promise, Keep a Promise,” said Bederman. “I believe that too many companies are singularly dedicated to the goal of making money,” he said. “My concept is that if we do good work with integrity and exceed the client’s needs, then one outcome will be financial success, but the more important outcome will be to plant our seed of integrity throughout the world.”

According to Bederman, until he learned what exactly he believed in and how his brain processed information, he was a mediocre leader. “When I say that to be a leader requires understanding your belief system, I mean in every category – not just business, everything,” he said. “When I finally understood my belief system, I was able to hit my prime and maintain it still today; after all, how can someone be authentic if they don’t know who and why they are?”

Authenticity has led to Bederman’s success and with his foundation – Commerce for Peace and Prosperity.

“Steve’s journey from a humble beginning as a call center agent to becoming a titan in his industry is a testament to his relentless dedication, versatile skills and visionary leadership,” said his colleagues. “His career arc is not just about personal success; it’s a narrative of transformation, growth and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.”

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Until I learned what exactly I believed in, essentially, how my brain processed, I was a mediocre leader. When I say that to be a leader requires understanding your belief system, i mean in every single category…. not just business, everything. When I know what I believe, I know who I am. When I know who I am then I know my core value(s). When I know my core then every decision or action that I take can simply be weighed against that. Business in truth is quite straightforward…don’t complicate it by not knowing what your belief system is. For me, when I finally understood that (and it was deep into my career by that time), I was able to hit my prime and maintain it still today. Afterall, how can someone be authentic if they don’t know who and why they are?


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