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Scott Shafer Absolute Performance, Inc

Scott Shafer

Chief Executive Officer

ProCern Technology Solutions, Inc.

Location: Broomfield

Founded: 1997

Industry: Technology

As a Colorado resident for nearly 30 years, Scott Shafer has led both the business and educational endeavors to the betterment of the state. He has held roles as a chief operating officer of a digital marketing service company, was a co-founder and president of Sherpa Business Solutions, and was an active board member and early legacy family for Peak to Peak Charter School.

Passionate about the environment, Shafer became the co-founder of a fast-growing company that manufactures plant-based foods that are good for people and the environment before assuming the role of CEO of ProCern Technology Solutions in 2012.

ProCern Technology Solutions is an end-to-end technology solution provider with a client-first approach. The company offers a full range of complete IT solutions and services that address clients’ on-premises, hybrid and cloud needs along with advanced expertise in infrastructure, security, data management, compliance, disaster recovery and IT modernization.

Shafer joined the team when the company hovered around $1 million in annual revenue. Immediately, he began rebuilding the company’s executive team to create a diverse, employee-centric culture while focusing on expanding the company’s service capabilities. Shafer’s leadership placed the company on a trajectory of $50+ million in profitable annual revenue.

Over the last three years, under Shafer’s leadership, ProCern Technology Solutions has sustained industry-leading employee and customer retention and has grown to more than 250 associates across Colorado, the United States, Mexico and India.

“Scott’s success in the field of technology is strong but what is even more compelling is his industry-leading employee retention, and executives, who have followed Scott to multiple endeavors, which speaks volumes of Scott’s leadership and character,” said his staff.

In 10 years with Shafer at the helm of ProCern, there has never been an employee layoff or any form of litigation. In addition, the company has been recognized by IBM for Leadership in Technology and Innovation and was named best-in-class by CIO Magazine.

Looking forward, Shafer plans to lead the company to achieve $100 million in annual revenues over the next three to five years by relying upon the values of ProCern Technology Solutions. “Our values are built upon character, servant-based leadership, integrity and discretion,” said Shafer. “Treat your people well and they will treat customers well.”

As a leader, Shafer cites “character” as the most important trait to successfully empower others. He also relies on his team’s input and stamina to tackle challenging issues. “We solve complex problems with a diverse employee and executive team,” said Shafer.

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