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Matt Magrann Projex

Matt Magrann

Co-Founder & CEO


Location: Denver

Founded: 2017

Industry: Commercial Furniture

At 26, Matt Magrann embarked on a pivotal journey by relinquishing a secure, lucrative position to invest every dollar into starting his own business. “The decision was fraught with uncertainty, prompting moments of doubt that made me question my sanity,” said Magrann. “However, despite initial apprehensions, taking the risk proved to be the most transformative and fulfilling leap of faith I ever made.”

This bold move not only tested Magrann’s resilience but also unlocked a world of opportunities, personal growth and unparalleled satisfaction. He is now the co-founder and CEO of Projex Inc., a furniture dealer for commercial furniture and demountable wall products.

In the past year since he was named a Titan 100, Magrann and his team have delivered another year of exceptional top and bottom-line results, navigating two to three years of challenging times for his industry. For the third straight year, Projex Inc. was recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Denver Business Journal. “This is a testament to our commitment to fostering a positive work environment,” said Magrann.

In addition, under Magrann’s leadership, the firm has relocated the company headquarters from Union Station to the heart of the River North Art District, a space 40% larger than its previous location.

In the realm of leadership, Magrann said there are instances where true greatness requires making tough decisions that may not always make you popular. “Effective leadership often calls for making sacrifices and prioritizing the greater good over your popularity, even if it’s met with resistance or disagreement,” he said. “Leadership is not about seeking constant validation or trying to please everyone; it requires making tough calls and taking the necessary actions.”

In essence, Magrann said that being a great leader means putting the needs of the team or organization above personal popularity and it requires the ability to make tough choices, stay true to core values and navigate through challenging situations with integrity and purpose. “Ultimately, the measure of a leader’s success lies not in how well-liked they are, but in the positive impact they make and the results they achieve,” he said.

Magrann has found opportunities to make a positive impact as part of a Titan 100 peer group and joined the YPO, volunteering his time and expertise to mentorship programs, entrepreneurship workshops and educational initiatives that provide guidance and resources to the next generation. “By sharing my experiences and knowledge, I strive to inspire and equip young individuals with the skills and mindset required for success,” said Magrann.

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