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Martha Mcgee Nine Dot Arts

Martha McGee

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Denver

Founded: 2009

Industry: Professional Services

Martha McGee said the experience of building a new business from the ground up requires a leader to be adaptable. “Things don’t always go as planned and new challenges can arise suddenly, so staying nimble in the face of change has helped me approach such challenges with ingenuity and excitement,” she said. “Being adaptable yet proactive means you can pivot quickly, take on changes as they come and think of every obstacle as a growth opportunity that will make you stronger in the long run.”

As the CEO of NINE dot ARTS, McGee has relied, too, on creativity and gratitude while drawing on her creative problem-solving and innovative thinking that stems from studying photography and immersing herself in the arts.

NINE dot ARTS is an award-winning art consulting and creative placemaking firm that helps clients transform spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences through the power of original art. From boutique hotels to 20,000-acre community art plans, the firm has completed nearly 1,000 projects in real estate development across 39 states and five countries, generating more than $40 million in revenue for the creative economy.

In the past year since McGee was named a Titan 100, she has shifted her role as CEO from day-to-day management to more strategic visioning and growth planning for the future. “In doing so, I have helped empower leadership at every level of our company, encouraging each employee to hone their expertise and advance their skill sets whenever possible,” said McGee. “This has led to an increase in revenue, sales and promotions/hiring.”

McGee said her greatest leadership lesson this year revolved around the importance of zooming out, seeing the big picture and creating space for others to lead. “I learned to step back and see things from a higher level, tailoring my attention to more visionary decisions and our overall growth plans,” she said. “I’ve been able to elevate my attention and expertise toward strategic endeavors with our board of directors, as well as participate more fully in my community.”

In 2023 alone, NINE dot ARTS paid over $2.7 million to artists, directly contributing to their careers and livelihoods. Outside of the company, McGee aims to foster a positive environment for the next generation of titans through service and mentorship initiatives. She was a member of the ULI Colorado Impact Awards Committee and co-chaired the Downtown Denver Partnership Urban Exploration Program. McGee also participated in ULI’s Women in Real Estate Mentorship Program and maintained her role as a board member for the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts.

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My secret super power is that I’m learning to be a pilot! I have been taking flying lessons and am earning hours toward my pilot’s license, which I plan to obtain before the end of 2024. This has been such an exciting accomplishment and another chance to push boundaries and break norms, proving that – just as in the male-dominated real estate industry – women can be leaders amongst pilots, too!


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