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Lulu Lantzy Auraria Higher Education Center

Lulu Lantzy

Chief Activation Officer

Auraria Higher Education Center

Location: Denver

Founded: 1976

Industry: Higher Education

An entrepreneur at heart, LuLu Lantzy ran her first business when she was still in college. While working multiple jobs to pay for school, she launched a summer business employing six people and successfully turned enough profit to pay for the rest of her education.

“I loved the exhilarating feeling of building something from scratch and growing the company to one of the largest in the construction industry on the East Coast,” said Lantzy. After the successful sale of her business, Lantzy said she wanted to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and spent the next 15 years mentoring hundreds of students as the executive vice president of a boot camp.

She ultimately joined Emily Griffith Technical College and Denver Public Schools to launch partnerships for the college and due to her work, 14,000 students and 2,000 immigrants and refugees were connected to industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality.

Now, as the chief activation officer for Auraria Higher Education Center, she is once again utilizing her entrepreneurial skills to launch a crucial pillar of the Auraria Campus strategic plan.

Auraria Campus is a 150-acre neighborhood in the heart of Denver, owned and operated by the Auraria Higher Education Center. From property management, retail and culinary to event services and an early learning center, Auraria Higher Education Center is a complex company covering a variety of industries with a primary focus on property management and event services.

Auraria combines the responsibilities of higher education and state agency with that of a complex revenue-generating business. “Lantzy is leading the charge in the event activation industry and bringing several high-profile events to Auraria and Denver,” said her staff.

She has been instrumental in hosting the NBA Kick-Off and brought the “Inside the NBA” studio team to the city. Lantzy also helped to elevate and support numerous community events from Papagayo and Latin Fashion Week to mayoral debates and AAPI festivals.

“I had the opportunity to take the road less traveled early on in my career,” said Lantzy. “Taking calculated risks and leaving my comfort zone were always sliding-door moments for me.” Whether it was packing up her belongings and moving to Philadelphia to launch a company or switching from entrepreneurship to public sector mid-career, Lantzy said that she discovered her potential lives outside of her comfort zone.

“I am passionately curious,” said Lantzy. “As a lifelong learner, this superpower helps me innovate and foster impactful collaborations and partnerships.”

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Curiosity, I am passionately curious. As a lifelong learner, this “superpower” helps me innovate and foster impactful collaborations and partnerships.


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