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Lloyd Lewis Arc Thrift Stores

Lloyd Lewis

President & CEO

arc Thrift Stores

Location: Lakewood

Founded: 1968

Industry: Nonprofit

If Lloyd Lewis had stayed the course that he thought his career was going to take – that of a c-level financial analyst for the likes of Smith Barney and IBM – he would have quite a different story to tell. In 2003, after the birth of his son, Kennedy, born with Down syndrome, Lewis became an advocate for Down syndrome scientific research, forming a partnership with the late Dr. Linda Crnic, a University of Colorado neuroscientist and Down syndrome researcher.

By 2005, Lewis was recruited to serve as the CFO for the arc Thrift Stores of Colorado, whose mission is to raise funds for the chapters of The Arc of Colorado who provide individual and systemic advocacy services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The 15 Arc chapters of Colorado help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities find jobs, housing, medical services and services in school. Lewis quickly was appointed CEO and president of arc Thrift Stores and under his leadership, the stores have become one of Colorado’s largest nonprofits. Since 2005, total charitable funding for Arc advocacy programs supported by arc Thrift Stores has totaled $140 million.

“Throughout his career, Mr. Lewis has been devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion, and emphasized strong anti-discrimination policies in his employment protecting diverse communities, including people of color, the indigenous, LGBT and all marginalized communities,” said his staff.

During his tenure, he has driven a policy of giving back that includes millions of tons of food donated to over 70 food banks across the state, millions in shopping vouchers delivered to people in need as well as household and furniture donations given to struggling communities who are doing all they can to get back on their feet.

“Mr. Lewis is a visionary,” said his staff. “He is so deeply devoted to the disability community that he is of a one-track mind; he will change the trajectory of this community, lobby for their rights, force change and demand efforts be made to include people with disabilities in all aspects of the community.”

According to Lewis, the most common definition of a leader is someone who has a good head for business, whose eye is always on the bottom line, and who lives and breathes a healthy return on all investments. “While true, I have an expanded view of what makes a good leader,” he said. “For me, a leader is someone who embodies empathy and compassion and who can inspire a team to do more, care more and make a difference.”

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Proving that running a business with over 450 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a smart and profitable business move.
Fighting for true inclusivity and the civil rights for all people — especially those with IDD — in all parts of our culture, especially in the workplace.


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