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Laura Brudzynski Archway Communities

Laura Brudzynski

Chief Operating Officer

Archway Communities

Location: Lakewood

Founded: 1974

Industry: Affordable Housing

Throughout Laura Brudzynski’s decorated career in the affordable housing industry, she has remained steadfast in her vision that housing is the foundation of household stability and economic mobility and is essential in fostering healthy communities. Brudzynski spearheaded the launch of the City of Denver’s Department of Housing Stability and implemented community development block grants and HOME funds.

Under Brudzynski’s leadership as the director of housing policy and programs, the City of Denver created and then doubled the local housing fund to over $30 million annually and partnered with the Denver Housing Authority on a $130 million bond to develop more than 2,500 affordable housing units.

“Laura has a deep understanding of the value of industry partners and relationships across different sectors in working together to make a stronger, more lasting impact,” said her colleagues. Her 10+ years spent transforming the City of Denver’s affordable housing landscape equipped her with the skills, network and experience necessary to lead Archway Communities to the next level, where she now serves as the chief operating officer.

Archway Communities is a nonprofit affordable housing developer and service provider, committed to the mission of elevating lives by providing access to affordable housing, food security and the supportive social services people need to survive. The organization owns eight affordable housing communities in the Denver metro area and one in southern Colorado, serving over 1,200 residents across the portfolio.

Brudzynski was brought to Archway Communities to guide the organization’s growth and pursue innovative tools that can expand Archway’s impact across the state. The organization has several new projects in the development pipeline, including 154 affordable units on the Mosaic Community Campus in Denver and 181 units replacing the Jody Apartments in Lakewood. Under Brudzynski’s leadership, Archway is also in the early stages of developing two new properties in Pueblo.

Actively involved in the industry and community, Brudzynski was recognized by Denverite in 2019 as a local housing leader and is a graduate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Denver cohort.

As a leader, Brudzynski said it’s imperative to continually seek new information, skills and growth opportunities. “The most important risks I have taken in my professional career were rooted in a focus on my ability to successfully learn and grow into a new role rather than just experience in performing those duties,” she said. “Overcoming the perceived risk of having limited direct experience has helped me learn new skills, work on exciting projects, establish new partnerships and approach work from different perspectives; this has made me a better leader and helped me continue to serve my community in different ways.”

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One of my superpowers is my curiosity to learn new things in my personal and professional life. I seek to continually learn from those around me who may have different or deeper expertise in an area than my own. And this curiosity has brought me to new experiences, networks, and ways of engaging in my community in a positive and fulfilling way.


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