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Kyle Ewing Terraslate Paper & Waterproof Menus, Sustainability Partners, Big Island Honey Co

Kyle Ewing

Chief Executive Officer

TerraSlate Paper & Waterproof Menus, Sustainability Partners, Big Island Honey Co, JT&R Capital

Location: Englewood

Founded: 2015

Industry: Manufacturing

Kyle Ewing’s journey as an entrepreneur and the CEO of TerraSlate Paper & Waterproof Menus is a testament to innovative thinking and strategic leadership. Before founding the company, Ewing’s professional experiences honed his skills in identifying gaps in the market and developing products to fill them. This acumen was crucial in recognizing the potential for a durable, waterproof paper solution.

“The decision to specialize and innovate within this niche was propelled by a commitment to solving real-world problems, enhancing sustainability, and delivering exceptional quality,” said Ewing. “This risk, in hindsight, was a watershed moment for TerraSlate, catalyzing our growth, establishing us as leaders in the field and affirming the importance of visionary thinking and courage in the face of uncertainty.”

TerraSlate Paper & Waterproof Menus has a mission to produce the most durable, eco-friendly paper products on the market, reducing the environmental impact of traditional paper usage and lamination.

Under Ewing’s leadership, TerraSlate has grown exponentially, serving tens of thousands of customers worldwide. He has been integral in expanding the company’s product line, including a range of waterproof and tear-resistant paper products, and has adopted eco-friendly production processes. The company has also received several industry awards for sustainability.

Also the CEO of The Big Island Honey Co., Ewing has led efforts to enhance the quality of its honey products, introducing organic and specialty lines. Sustainable beekeeping practices have been implemented, contributing to environmental conservation and the protection of bee populations.

“Ewing’s ability to lead the company has not just been about understanding the market but also about creating a work culture that fosters creativity and adaptability,” said his staff. “His story is a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs, showing that with the right blend of innovation, strategy and customer focus, it’s possible to build a successful, globally recognized business.”

In his role as CEO, Ewing has distilled the essence of leadership into a few critical attributions. “Visionary thinking is at the forefront, guiding our strategic direction and inspiring both our teams and customers,” he said. “Coupled with this, resilience and adaptability have been my bedrock, allowing us to navigate challenges and embrace change as a catalyst for innovation.”

A commitment to continuous learning, empathy and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration are top priorities for Ewing as a leader. “Decisiveness and clear, effective communication are the gears that keep our operations smooth, ensuring quick, informed decisions and alignment across the board,” said Ewing. “A commitment to continuous learning keeps us relevant and innovative.”

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My superpower unequivocally lies in my ability to connect with people on a level that typically takes a long time to reach. This knack for building rapport, selling our vision, and sparking motivation across our team and clientele is the cornerstone of our success. I thrive on engaging in meaningful conversations, whether it’s with a potential customer, a long-standing partner, or a new member of our team. This ability to communicate effectively, to listen deeply and articulate our goals and values with passion, has been instrumental in forging strong relationships. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about selling an idea, a vision of the future that’s better because of what we do at TerraSlate. This personal touch has turned clients into advocates and employees into devoted team members. My approach is always to lead with empathy, understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each individual, which in turn inspires and motivates them towards collective success.


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