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Kathleen Quinn Votaw Talentrust

Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Founder & CEO


Location: Golden

Founded: 2003

Industry: Retention & Recruiting

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, said that her greatest leadership lesson learned this year since she was named a Titan 100, was that if you believe in your team, they will deliver. “They will follow your lead, even if you cannot be there every day,” she said. “I’ve always believed this to be true but have never experienced it personally in quite the way I did in 2023.”

In August 2023, Quinn Votaw was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said her team stepped up in so many business and personal ways. “I’m hoping that telling my story as I speak to other leaders around the country this year will enable more leaders to trust in their people,” she said. “Everyone on my team is a skilled and trusted colleague, and this has made it easier for me to delegate responsibilities.”

Quinn Votaw is the founder and CEO of TalenTrust, a recruitment, retention and human capital consulting firm. The company’s mission is to form lasting, meaningful partnerships with clients, acting as an integral part of their team and delivering innovative recruiting and retention solutions.

About a year ago, Quinn Votaw realized that she was stretched about as far as she could without compromising the company’s growth goals. “My greatest accomplishment since becoming a titan of industry was searching for the right leader to serve as our CRO and bringing him into our organization,” she said. “Roger Cunningham, who joined us as CRO in February 2023 has proven to be one of my best business decisions ever.”

Quinn Votaw has also led the firm to embrace AI and other technologies. “One of our ongoing competitive advantages is testing our theories and practices so we can better inform and support our clients,” she said. “Technology is critical but just part of the solution to meeting today’s challenges; equally important is incorporating a personal touch in every process and relationship.”

Building relationships is Quinn Votaw’s specialty as a leader. “Compassion and empathy are critical today, and we have to slow down and listen to our employees and customers to create a community where everyone can thrive and feel successful,” she said.

Mentoring is also another way Quinn Votaw creates community. “I love mentoring people, and it comes naturally to me and brings me joy to share my knowledge, experience and advice wherever it’s helpful each day,” she said. “As a CEO in a human-focused business, I am inherently aware of the importance of my mentoring role and dedicate a few hours a week to helping people find their path, achieve their goals and be the best they can be in their professional lives.”

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I care deeply for the people who choose to work with TalenTrust and our clients. We have so many great relationships with so many wonderful people and mentors. Our reputation of doing the right thing is not just written on paper ~ it matters to us! In business and in life sometimes things don’t go the way you prefer. How you handle an issue matters and our core values have been a great compass!


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