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Judith Nowlin Nest Collaborative

Judith Nowlin

Chief Executive Officer

Nest Collaborative

Location: Stamford

Founded: 2017

Industry: Healthcare & Tech Enabled Services

The most important risk Judith Nowlin takes every day is the relentless pursuit of progress. “As CEO, I’ve embraced the inherent uncertainty of entrepreneurship by consistently forging ahead, even when the path forward is fraught with obstacles and roadblocks,” Nowlin said. “By remaining in motion, each hurdle encountered becomes an opportunity for growth, whether it’s through uncovering the true root cause of a problem, reinventing our process or integrating fresh perspectives into our team dynamic.”

Nowlin serves as the CEO of Nest Collaborative, the nation’s first and largest virtual lactation platform. Under her leadership, the firm has been recognized as one of the Top 12 Telehealth Innovators in the Country by the American Telemedicine Association, first place in the 2022 Yale Innovation Summit’s Tech and Digital Health Pitch Contest, and a 2023 Rising Star Award for Next-Gen Telemedicine at the UCSF Digital Health Hub Awards.

Its extensive network of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants extends services to all 50 states, offering families prompt virtual consultations from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s mandate covering breastfeeding support as a preventive service, 99% of its patients incur zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Since she was named a Titan 100, Nowlin spent the last year spearheading a pivotal move for the company to secure a substantial $6 million Series A round of financing. “This strategic initiative was instrumental in steering our course through the challenging economic landscape that underwent a significant shift from the growth-centric focus of 2022 to a more profit-oriented mindset in 2023,” said Nowlin. “Recognizing the need to adapt to changing market conditions, I orchestrated a transformative effort within the organization.”

Nowlin has also demonstrated a commitment to excellence by serving as a source of inspiration for her employees and engaging in mentorship programs, both within and outside the workplace. “Actively participating in mentorship initiatives has allowed me to share my experiences, insights, and knowledge with emerging professionals, guiding them toward success,” she said. “I firmly believe that mentorship is a powerful tool for personal and professional development, and I am dedicated to guiding the next generation as they navigate their career paths and drive their company growth.”

Over the past year, Nowlin said her greatest leadership lesson has been the paramount importance of clarity in setting goals and unwavering accountability. “This lesson has permeated my approach to leadership, transforming the way I guide my team in both significant and seemingly minor tasks,” she said. “Clarity minimizes ambiguity, allowing each team member to align their efforts with a collective vision.”

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