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Josh Kern Spb Hospitality

Josh Kern

Chief Executive Officer

SPB Hospitality

Location: Littleton

Founded: 1976

Industry: Restaurant Operator

According to Josh Kern, successful leaders must possess a diverse array of attributes to navigate the complexities of modern organizations and society. Throughout his career, he said he has relied on embracing a vision, adaptability, empathy, integrity and resilience.

These traits have been paramount in his journey as an executive who served as the CMO of Smashburger and at American Blue Ribbon Holdings. He pivoted to the role of VP of marketing at Quiznos, scaling the sandwich chain’s units from 1,800 to nearly 5,000 before he oversaw the merger of Krystal and SPB Hospitality while moving into the role of CEO.

SPB Hospitality specializes in the restaurant and hospitality sector, serving as a prominent player in the U.S., as a leading operator and franchisor of steakhouses, breweries, QSR and casual dining establishments. Operating across 39 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, their core mission centers around providing exceptional service and catering to the needs of their guests, team members and local communities.

“It is not just Kern’s business acumen that sets him apart but also his remarkable ability to cultivate strong relationships,” said his staff. “His ability to position and grow brands at different stages of development showcases his agility and versatility in ever-changing markets.”

Kern’s accomplishments and success in the industry have led to the honor of being named one of the Most Influential Restaurant Executives in the country by Nation’s Restaurant News.

“Kern recognizes the importance of leveraging collective expertise and diverse perspectives within the organization to achieve extraordinary results,” said his staff. “His ability to navigate the complexities of the business landscape, make sound decisions and chart a course for growth is remarkable.”

Under Kern’s leadership, SPB Hospitality envisions consolidating its standing as a dominant force within the restaurant and hospitality industry over the next five years. The company is poised to expand its presence significantly across the United States.

Whether it’s in operations management, talent development, brand management or financial performance, Kern is known for possessing extensive expertise in all of these critical areas. “His talent for recognizing opportunities and tailoring strategies accordingly has been instrumental in elevating him to a titan in the industry,” said his staff.

According to Kern, effective leadership involves listening and not overreacting, a skill he cites as his superpower. “Success does not come easy but hard work, patience and good luck are the secret sauce,” he said. “Slow down and enjoy all aspects of the grind.”

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