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Jeff Englund Larsen

Jeff Englund



Location: Denver

Founded: 2003

Industry: Custom Home Builder

Jeff Englund’s passion for design and construction started at a very early age as his father ran a 100-person crew in Montana building small residential projects as well as putting in road, water and sewer projects for developments. This passion became even more intense when his family moved to Colorado and bought their forever home, spending all summer remodeling every square inch.

At age 12, Englund was learning how to frame, do electrical, solder copper, run HVAC systems, and hang and texture drywall. “With my father’s background and my mother’s farm-grown ethics, hard work played a monumental role in how my brother and I were raised,” said Englund.

Englund began working for Larsen in the summer of 2013 as a project manager and quickly moved up in the company, gaining greater responsibility and knowledge of all parts of the company with a promotion to construction operations manager, VP of operations, and now as president.

Larsen is a luxury design-build firm, specializing in architecture, construction and interior design with a mission to create a good experience and product for clients through communication, transparency and integrity.

“Over the last four years, Jeff has steered our company outside of our typical process and our typical luxury infill neighborhood,” said his staff. “It was not that Jeff didn’t like the homes we were building; he just saw and forecasted a greater need in the market and pushed us outside of our typical homes and neighborhood to allow our architecture and construction management team to showcase what was possible at a greater scale.”

Under Englund’s leadership, the firm has been named a 2023 MAME Custom Builder of the Year and recognized by multiple home-building magazines and publications. Englund said his most proud accomplishment is the list of awards the firm received for its Napa Valley Farmhouse. The Napa Valley Farmhouse won a silver award from the National Association of Homebuilders.

“It’s what put Larsen on the map and allowed us to move forward from being a Wash Park builder and go start designing and building in other homes,” he said. As a result, the firm has stretched its reach to Castle Pines, Mariana Butte in Loveland, and a series of homes for the Canyon Pines neighborhood.

Englund is also passionate and proud of creating a team and a culture that allows the entire company to act with an ownership mentality. “A lot of leaders and company owners state that you can’t be friends with your employees,” said Englund. “We are the exact opposite in that we are all friends but have created a culture in which we are an internal family.”

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I can’t fly, and don’t have super human strength, but my wife always points out that I can talk to anyone, anywhere and make it meaningful and valuable for all parties.
This has been pivotal in my relationships amongst my team of 12, our vendor and trade team of 75 companies, as well as the 150 plus current and past clients. Starting with the company at 25 years old, and currently 35, being able to provide value to all parties is the biggest and most important part of my role and job, as well as our business. If someone doesn’t get value, then they will go somewhere else.


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