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Jb Richardson Ccig Edited

JB Richardson

Chief Operating Officer


Location: Denver

Founded: 1985

Industry: Insurance

JB Richardson’s entrepreneurial journey began with a deep passion for finance and operations, coupled with a visionary mindset that propelled him to take on leadership roles and make impactful contributions. He joined CCIG in 2020 with a clear vision and determination to elevate the organization to new heights.

“Drawing upon his extensive experience in private equity, he navigated challenges with resilience and strategic acumen,” said his colleagues. “JB played a pivotal role in scaling CCIG’s operations, making significant investments to bring the resources and market access of national and global brokerages to the Texas and Colorado marketplaces, laying the foundation for double-digit revenue growth and success in recent years.”

CCIG is an independent, rapidly growing insurance brokerage that delivers risk management and insurance solutions for its clients. The firm represents clients nationally, employs over 100 insurance professionals, and has offices in Denver and Austin, Texas. CCIG’s continued outsized organic growth has earned accolades as Max Performer of the Year and recognition as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.

Under Richardson’s leadership, CCIG has experienced remarkable expansion and profitability. He has become a driving force behind CCIG’s reputation as a leader in the insurance industry. CCIG now ranks among the top 100 best insurance brokers in the world, as a partner of Assurex Global. Richardson has also published articles on thought leadership in publications including PR Newswire, Insurance Journal and Mile High CRE.

“From the moment he assumed the role of chief operations officer at CCIG, JB demonstrated an innate ability to anticipate industry trends and navigate the complex landscape of insurance,” said his colleagues. “One of JB’s defining traits as a titan is his resilience in the face of challenges; by embracing automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, JB has positioned CCIG as a pioneer in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the client-broker relationship and operational efficiency.”

According to Richardson, the journey that led him to his current role has been one filled with embracing challenges as a way to make an impact. “The ability to adapt and innovate has been instrumental in navigating the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry,” he said. “I would encourage my younger self to foster a mindset of continuous learning, leverage mentorship opportunities and stay true to the values that define success; every setback is a chance to learn, and resilience coupled with a forward-thinking approach can turn any challenge into a stepping stone toward achievement.”

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