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Greg Olson Growl

Greg Olson

Founder & CEO


Location: Grand Junction

Founded: 2010

Industry: Marketing Technology

Greg Olson has been an ambitious industry disruptor for his entire professional career. When mobile device companies first started sharing customer data, many small business owners were struggling to navigate the mobile marketing world. Olson saw this as an opportunity to innovate, providing a cost-effective resource that developed products enabling companies to convert their websites into mobile-friendly shopping portals easily.

This is how GROWL was born. GROWL is a ReOps agency focused on helping businesses supplement and optimize marketing and sales efforts through HubSpot.

“The same grit and hustle behind GROWL’s first dollar earned is the same motivation that the organization displays today,” said Olson.

Over the years, GROWL has evolved to best serve its customers in the digital marketing and customer database space. Today, GROWL is a leader in HubSpot implementation and optimization, supporting clients across the globe.

“As a visionary leader, Olson focuses on building GROWL to be an employee-driven organization,” said his staff. “He has empowered his team to redefine what GROWL means.” His empowerment has gone beyond the business to impact the community as he and his staff support food banks, baseball teams and more to help community dreams come true.

Inspired by the small-town feel of rural Colorado where Olson moved the GROWL headquarters, Olson made critical connections and worked closely with local government, economic development organizations and robust community partners. These connections enabled GROWL to become an active hand in local workforce development, leading by example with a unique paid internship program that partners with the Mesa County Workforce Center and Colorado Mesa University.

As the CEO, Olson has led GROWL and himself to many achievements including Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year by the Business Marketing Association, Marketer of the Year, and Colorado Companies to Watch.

According to Olson, successful leaders are defined by their adaptability, resilience, vision, innovative nature and communication styles. “Several attributes define successful leaders, but the most successful leaders position their teams for achievement above their successes,” he said. “While a leader can drive change through vision, the primary factor in success is empathy through effective communication.”

The risks Olson has taken as a leader were significant and allowed him to venture into uncharted territory, he said. “Taking risks taught me the value of trusting my instincts, embracing change and the importance of continual self-investment,” he said. “These experiences have shaped our business’s trajectory and my personal development as a leader.”

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