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Elizabeth Dressler Capra Foods

Elizabeth Dressler

President & CEO

Capra Foods

Location: Plano

Founded: 2011

Industry: Food

Elizabeth Dressler has always believed that one of the best things a leader can do is to always train and mentor someone to replace themselves so that a leader can then move forward to new journeys and adventures. That’s why, this past year, she started mentoring and guiding Capra Foods’ new executive vice president of sales to take on new challenges and to understand and evaluate her staff. “My goal for this associate is to help ensure she is the best boss she can be for her departments, followed by tutelage on leadership for the company,” said Dressler.

As the president and CEO, Dressler said she is also working with the entire staff on continuing to grow and follow the company’s core values, which include being a lifelong learner. “It has been so encouraging to see how our team has responded to the new leadership group and our methods,” she said.

The mission of Capra Foods is to feed the world while helping save the planet through regenerative and sustainable farming and ranching practices that help rebuild ecosystems and replenish natural resources.

In the past year since Dressler was named a Titan 100, she has been promoted from chief operating officer to president and CEO. Dressler has been integral in implementing an operating system, mentoring practices and leadership methods encouraging direct and regular communication within the organization.

“My role as a titan of industry involves not only navigating the complexities of the market but also proactively shaping the trajectory of Capra Foods by embracing innovation, fostering critical alliances and crafting a vision for sustained growth,” said Dressler.

One of her top accomplishments at Capra Foods is increasing sales over $1.5 million between August and December 2023 while reducing non-strategic inventory to strategic levels that better support the program drivers and sales needs. The year not only included the successful partnership with two new retail grocers, giving Capra Foods access to over 400 stores selling their tamales beyond the Texas region but also a substantial addition of restaurants in key Texas markets.

“These accomplishments have positioned Capra in a better place to grow strategically over the next several years,” said Dressler. She was also instrumental in a reorganization that included hiring a top-level sales executive and new accounting-finance team members to drive, grow and expand the company.

“The needs of organizations are changing; thus, the attributes of successful leaders must follow suit,” said Dressler. “A leader that can manage regular and dynamic changes while continuing to inspire teams is of key importance to the success of any organization.”

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