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Elizabeth Caswell Dyer Sopra Communities Inc

Elizabeth Caswell Dyer

Chief Executive Officer

Sopra Communities

Location: Denver

Founded: 2010

Industry: Real Estate

As the CEO of Sopra Communities, Elizabeth Caswell Dyer leads with flexibility and respect. “Being flexible about where and how your employees are working as long as your clients are happy and the work is getting done is key to retention in this market,” she said. “Just as important is respecting your team, treating them as the full human beings they are and showing them you value their contributions engenders trust and loyalty.”

Founded in 2010, Sopra Communities has dedicated itself to providing top-notch community management services in the urban market of Denver, with a focus on the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods. The company’s mission is to manage the assets entrusted to the firm by providing service above and beyond expectations through industry expertise and pragmatic management practices.

Since she was named a Titan 100 last year, Caswell Dyer said she continues to work on asking better questions. “In asking more thoughtful questions, we are given greater insight and understanding of the true nature behind the issues that both staff and clients are facing,” she said. “Through this process, we can achieve a higher level of client and employee satisfaction.”

Over the past year, Caswell Dyer and her team focused on codifying “The Sopra Way” and developed a version of the entrepreneurial operating system to drive future growth. The major emphasis of this project was to eliminate the verbal communication of processes and formally document all procedures to ensure consistency in application by all staff.

Under her leadership, the firm evaluated software services and a request for proposals from industry banking leaders to provide internal and external customers with the best available services. “The RFP resulted in a banking change that allows for real-time transaction information and the ability to provide financials in a more timely manner,” said Caswell Dyer.

One of her greatest accomplishments this year was being selected to participate in the Foundation for Community Association Research’s Think Tank. Members are selected from an elite group of industry veterans throughout the United States, with diverse areas of expertise in association management. The result of this research is the implementation of guides for more than 43,000 members of the Community Association Institute. Caswell Dyer has also continued a mentoring program.

She has also embraced the Titan 100 program. “To quote Tony Robbins, ‘Proximity is Power,’ and this group is filled with powerful and smart individuals,” said Caswell Dyer. “I have found that I am a better and more interesting CEO and person due to these relationships.”

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