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Darius Wise Red Rocks Credit Union

Darius Wise II

President & CEO

Red Rocks Credit Union

Location: Aurora

Founded: 1979

Industry: Finance | Banking

If Darius Wise could give his younger self advice, it would be that the higher you climb in any organization, the less it is about you. “Your role is one of service and support to the people you have the privilege of leading,” said Wise. “Don’t over-obsess with the destination as much as you enjoy the journey of becoming.”

Wise knows a thing or two about climbing the ranks of an organization such as Red Rocks Credit Union. Four years ago, he was recruited to the credit union when it had lost its edge and was trailing the other 73 credit unions in many critical growth metrics. Company culture grew toxic as leadership and organizational turnover increased.

Wise took over as the chief impact officer, was ultimately promoted to chief operating officer, and by 2023, was appointed president and CEO.

Red Rocks Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization based in Colorado. Though the organization provides sound financial advice, affordable rates and excellent service, what drives the credit union is its desire to enrich the lives of its members and the local community.

The credit union was unstable both financially and operationally. The organization was going through a core conversion, vetting a merger opportunity and aiming to end a two-year streak of operating at a loss when Wise took the helm. “Over the next eight months, I, along with our team, would accomplish what most thought was impossible,” said Wise. “We not only completed the core conversion, but we also returned to profitability and stabilized the credit union’s operations while minimizing turnover.”

In 11 months since Wise took over as president and CEO, Red Rocks Credit Union has stabilized 90% of its financial metrics, has rebranded, has developed a three-year strategic plan and is operating profitability for the second year in a row.

Wise said he believes a titan should not only be focused on the needs of their organization but also be engaged in expanding their influence on the surrounding communities. It’s why he serves on boards for local nonprofits and was instrumental in launching a campaign through the credit union’s partnership with NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties that focused on bringing awareness to mental health.

As a leader, Wise said it’s important to lead with attributes that include humility, integrity, trust, purpose and passion. “My leadership style is roo

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