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Daniel Ramirez Ramirez Hospitality Group

Daniel Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

Ramirez Hospitality Group

Location: Littleton

Founded: 2002

Industry: Restaurants | Hospitality

In contemporary leadership, crucial attributes extend beyond traditional skills to embrace a deep understanding of conscious and subconscious thinking, said Daniel Ramirez, a two-time Titan 100 and CEO of Ramirez Hospitality Group. “Successful leaders grasp the intricacies of their own minds and those they lead, fostering emotional intelligence and empathy.”

Recognizing that leadership transcends personal agendas and is more about aligning with a collective purpose larger than oneself has been instrumental this year as Ramirez rose to the position of CEO.

Ramirez Hospitality Group and Los Dos Potrillos Mexican Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business located in the suburbs of Denver. Since opening in 2002, Los Dos Potrillos has grown to six restaurant locations, one brewery and two food trucks.

Ramirez has worked in the family-owned business since 2015, focusing on business development and operations. He established a corporate structure, created a human resources and compliance department, and formed an ongoing professional development program for management and staff. In his new role this year, he guided the company to open its first ground-up restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado.

“Building a restaurant gives you a lot of patience, and we learned a lot from this project and look forward to doing more in the future and making them better each time,” said Ramirez. “We continue to push ourselves for success and provide quality food to the community around us.”

Ramirez has also been a part of the CRA which has helped the company stay on top of the industry standards. “He was able to stand up for laws that were going to hurt the restaurant industry and stay informed about different initiatives taking action throughout the year,” said his staff. “Being in this industry, he has been able to be a spokesperson for industry leaders all around and keep professionals aware about what will be coming up in the future.”

His biggest leadership lesson has been to recognize being vulnerable as a powerful way to connect with others. “We all get so caught up being big and tough because we are the leaders of the company, but at the end of the day, no one will think of you differently if you are honest and vulnerable, admitting to when you make mistakes and taking ownership for when you mess up,” said Ramirez. “I have learned that this only makes you stronger, which then makes the company stronger at the end of the day.”

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