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Dana Jacoby Vector Medical Group

Dana Jacoby

President & CEO

Vector Medical Group

Location: Denver

Founded: 2015

Industry: Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions

Multiple times in her professional life, Dana Jacoby has launched businesses by investing her sweat, equity, money and resources. “Launching businesses has required sacrifices in my personal life and professional career but was necessary to complete a vision of making a difference globally in healthcare,” said Jacoby. “In the end, the sacrifices paid off and I realized the dream of starting, scaling and exiting multiple successful businesses.”

Today, Jacoby is CEO of Vector Medical Group, which she launched to create strategies for physicians and medical providers to architect the future of healthcare. Since Jacoby was named a Titan 100, in the last year, she has led Vector Medical Group to assist in the consummation of over $250 million in physician transactions. These events were transacted across the orthopedic, cardiology, neurology, bariatric and aesthetic/dermatology specialties, and have enabled doctors to remain in practice and control the future of their roles within the healthcare industry.

A new trend involved physicians reorganizing to leave hospital practice and establish their own ambulatory surgical centers, and Jacoby is on the cutting edge of this phenomenon. As an industry thought leader, Jacoby has been the feature keynote speaker for leading medical conferences such as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Becker’s Hospital Review, the American Academy of Knee and Hip Surgeons, and the McDermott, Will and Emory legal conferences.

“Dana possesses a unique and growing understanding of the tectonic movement within healthcare, and the ramifications for medical patients,” said her staff. “As a result, she has led Vector to be the thought leader in the physician transaction space.”

In the past year, Jacoby said that optimism and tenacity have been the two themes of the Vector Medical Group. “That means hope for the future, and the energy and effort to show up every day to make it happen,” she said.

Since fewer than 2% of women-owned companies surpass a top-line revenue of $1 million, Jacoby has made it her mission to mentor others and help them succeed. “With success has come a commitment and passion for helping other women achieve the same success,” said Jacoby. “Giving back to both younger and older women is a passion and commitment for me.”

She has joined the boards of organizations such as ACG, the Denver Medical Study Group and TIGER21 Philanthropy Committee, spending countless hours working with other women to prepare them for success in their businesses.

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My Superpower is the Empathic Persuasion. The ability to see the world through another person’s (customer, client, patient, physician’s) eyes is a skill only a minority in my industry possesses. This ability to cast oneself into another professional’s or party’s role is a superpower that is connected to the ability to relate, connect, and even persuade, especially in the world of healthcare mergers and acquisitions.


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