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Dan Degolier Ascent Cfo Solutions

Dan DeGolier

Founder & CEO

Ascent CFO Solutions

Location: Boulder

Founded: 2011

Industry: Fractional CFO Services

According to Dan DeGolier, founder and CEO of Ascent CFO Solutions, today’s leaders need to be strong communicators. “Leaders are the visionaries of their company, and they need to be able to clearly articulate that vision with their team,” said DeGolier. “With strong communication skills, leaders can set expectations with team members and clients and get everyone working on a common goal; I find this to be both a challenging and thrilling aspect of being a leader of a company.”

DeGolier launched Ascent CFO Solutions after leaving a full-time CFO role. He didn’t know if he would be successful. He didn’t know if he could find clients, but he had faith in his abilities and felt confident that he identified a need in the marketplace for this type of strategic fractional CFO service. “If I hadn’t taken that risk, I wouldn’t be running Ascent CFO Solutions today, which provides nearly 40 team members the same opportunity I was craving nearly 13 years ago – the opportunity to work with multiple growth-stage companies as a fractional financial professional,” said DeGolier.

Ascent CFO Solutions is a fractional CFO firm for growing companies. The firm integrates fully into a client’s team to provide the strategic financial expertise of a CFO backed by a full-stack financial team without adding to a company’s headcount. Companies in all stages rely on the firm’s financial expertise to give them visibility into their business and data-driven strategic insights to make more informed decisions as they grow.

In the past year, since DeGolier was named a Titan 100, his greatest accomplishment has been leading a team through significant growth, reaching a record annual revenue in 2023 without losing the fun and supportive culture that makes his team special. The firm was also named one of the 2023 Colorado Companies to Watch and a 2023 Fast 50 Company by the Denver Business Journal. Ascent CFO Solutions was also named Best Place to Work and became Great Place to Work certified.

“We know our people are our most valuable resource, and we strive to treat them as such,” said DeGolier. “When our team members are fulfilled in their roles, it extends over into the clients as well.”

After taking part in the Titan 100 program, DeGolier said the greatest value of the platform is the elite network of diverse, yet like-minded individuals who love what they do. The recognition has prompted him to pursue several avenues of fostering the next generation of titans. “I believe some of the next generations of titans are team members within our own company,” he said. “They are smart, passionate and truly the best of the best, which is why I invest my time in mentoring our team members, particularly our new business development team who are the next-in-line leaders of the firm.”

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