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Brienne Aletto Altvia

Brienne Aletto

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Broomfield

Founded: 2006

Industry: Vertical Technology

The best advice Brienne Aletto received that she wishes she had taken earlier was that hard conversations make for an easier life while easy conversations make for a harder life. “Learning and being willing to lean into hard conversations is a learned skill that takes maturity and courage,” Aletto said. “I wish I had appreciated how much those hard conversations would serve for a more effective workplace; and honestly, for a more authentic life.”

Aletto has spent all her career at private equity-backed SaaS companies driving toward world-class metrics to support the ongoing capital needs to hit aggressive projections. In her current role as CEO of Altvia, she has led the firm to grow by 100% in two years.

Altvia is the leading provider of CRM and investor and deal management systems specifically built for Private Capital Market firms. Founded in 2006, Altvia has hundreds of world-class clients and supports over 40,000 LP investors with a mobile-optimized platform to transform the way GPs deliver continuous value, real-time decision support, and secure communications to their valued constituents.

“Being able to conservatively leverage capital to build a sustainably growing business is a lever that Brie knows can and should be pulled at the appropriate time,” said her colleagues. “In driving toward a capital injection and selecting the right partner, Brie emphasizes the importance of finding a partner that understands the pivotal nature of the employee base, which is paramount because one of her cornerstones of leadership is leading with compassion.”

Under Aletto’s leadership, Altvia has been recognized as one of Colorado’s Greatest Places to Work and was a two-time recipient of PE Newswire’s annual award of Best Fundraising Solution and Best Workflow Solution. As a B Corp, the company fosters and encourages community outreach and volunteer opportunities.

“Brie leads a values-centric culture that supports employees’ ongoing personal and professional development,” said her staff. “Brie’s passion is squarely aligned with her passion for the people in the company – her biggest reward is getting a front-row seat to seeing others experience the entrepreneurial environment and benefit from the successes of the business.”

According to Aletto, successful leaders must effectively manage the many “Cs” of CEO life – capital, culture and company strategy. “As with many growing companies, market and industry headwinds, cultural shifts and scaling challenges are inevitable,” she said. “It is pivotal to be patient and compassionate with the people of the business, as that is the core that will remain consistent.”

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My secret superpower is identifying good talent. I lean into my strengths and supplement where I struggle with some of the best employees, leaders, mentors, board members, etc. based on their ‘zone of genius.’ By being able to quickly spot high performers with high potential, I have been able to build extremely robust teams and cut down on the risks and costs of retention challenges. The quicker a leader can build a well-functioning, optimal team, the quicker results can be seen.


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